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What do we treat first

How Urgent is it

Who will perish

We weigh one life over another

Government flaws

Fears and misunderstandings

Reigning and raining and reining

Battles for control

Losing impact

Burning the future for immediacy

Out of balance

We will topple ourselves

The solutions are there

Outlined ideas

Who suffers while we plod forward

Against obstacle after obstacle

Built of greed

Teachers flee

Doctors give up

Nurses go

When no one will help you or teach you

Can you scrape food from dry mud

Bandage your broken heart with leaves

From a dying tree

Will you sooth the scrapes with yesterday’s cloth

Reciting verse after verse of sonnets from moldy tomes

Bury yourself now in the tomb in the ground

Cover up your nakedness with transition and transform

Dust dust walking

Ashes ashes talking

You’re almost out of time

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Can you fall asleep under the stars at night

Or will you waken again and again

Reaching for something you can never acquire

Peace prosperity home

Build it then

Don’t lag or lack or lap up the lies

Build it in balance

Be ruthless cutting down cutting out paring away

What damages us

This whole earth is our home

Let’s make it grand and natural and flowing

Instead of an old barn in barren field with the roof collapsed from rotten wood

Very dominant on the downbeat carrying a quarter note sequence on the guitar that makes you want to stomp your foot keeping tempo, with your head bopping. The chorus is very catchy and quite eerie. I dig it. “I understand you’ve been running from a man who goes by the name of the sandman”. It is known that the inspiration for the song comes from conversations writer Dewey Bunnell had with returning Vietnam veterans and their fear of being attacked or killed in their sleep so they relied on medication to fight the urge to sleep and meet the unavoidable, sandman.

I had trouble sleeping the first ten years of my life – recurring nightmares, traumas, fear. Then again at various times in my life under deep stress, or processing out past experiences. Being able to sleep is sometimes such a lovely miracle.

I’m concerned about how slow we are all moving in the face of real and present dangers – it’s like a dream where you can see it (the threat) but cannot move swiftly enough to avoid catastrophe, but we still have time if we move together to solve the most major issues facing our collective humanity, our collective life here on earth.

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My Eyes Meet the Ground

I catch myself shuffling when I walk


Down hearted

Lower than that

I am sinking into the earth

One step after another until I am there

Among the rocks

At the bottom

Of forever

The infinite is here within

Each step

Raised and lowered

Feet and eyes

I cannot look up

Until the sun cuts through

The clouds

Until I see blue blue

Reach for me

I have gone nowhere but down

The sun has pulled the clouds between us

Every day now colorless

Reach for me

Let there be color in this world

Let there be light

Let heaven descend once more

Remind me I am made of dust

Reflecting the center of my solar system

I step and straighten

Outside held up by force of will

To stand tall and be proud

My eyes still meet the ground

Begging for shelter

To not be left out alone in the rain

I dance

My eyes meet the ground

I close them and raise my face to the rain

I am quenched and drenched

Dancing and hoping for brighter skies

A break in the clouds

A respite from the torrent

To try again

To wrest joy from circumstances


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Podcast Spotlight: Creative Surrender

I did this podcast when I had Covid, but before I knew I had Covid.

Glad that I gave myself permission for down time, because apparently I was sick (the Podcast after this one is called Sick like Sick)

Sometimes a break rom the work is needed to re-center and find fresh footing.

Wendy Says Things can be found on most Podcast streaming apps and pages
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Singing at Sundown

There’s a nightlight in the bathroom

A good way to get a book taken away

Is to sit on the counter and read by it

The elastic on that night gown itched and pinched

A little ruffle around the cuff

Candy pink with flowers on it

A little ruffle by the calf

It’s not completely dark

A fan in the hall whirs to dampen stray noises

Private conversations

Whimpers and pleading

Thuds and crying

Yelling and misery

A good night is quiet

Not too quiet though

When something brews in that silence

I began to sing

I am a child of god and

this is my father’s world

grace would be amazing if it arrived in time

Can my voice stay the hands that violate

And would they have me sing in front of crowds

Using the voice that protected me

(or tried to)

I gave my voice away as an adult

I gave it to my babies when they struggled to sleep

I gave it to the dishes when they were dirty

I sang the floors clean and the dust away

I sang to the falling waters

To seedlings and horses

I made up songs and story songs to entertain

Rambunctious children

As they grew we sang together at the table

(this was never allowed to me when I was young)

This voice that falters in front of a camera

How a camera triggers

Being photographed and video’d


Being shoved forward to perform

The grand lie of a happy home

We’re a happy family

We’re a happy family

Me mom and daddy


There’s a soft glow worm finger puppet

that provides a tiny light in the dark

while I sing myself forward

out of a nightmare

and into life

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Heart Wadi

Heart WadiHeart Wadi

Written May 6, 2010

In the desert of my heart, I found a spring. 

The eye of the mother woke up weeping for her children.

As I drank deep of the clear water, the sky let loose with rain.

The sands burst forth with flowers, yellow blooms, green leaves.

Thank you, dear friend, for leading me to the well of compassion.

Thank you, dear friend, for leading me to the well of joy.

In the desert of my heart, I stood in need.

The sustenance I needed, could not be found.

When you took my hand in yours and led me further,

I wondered what at the end we’d find.

Thank you, dear friend, for leading me across the valley.

Thank you, dear friend, for staying by my side.

In the desert of my heart, know that death did stalk me.

The desert dogs were nipping at my heels.

Thirst and hunger were quick to overtake me.

The rocks tore at my hands and knees.

Thank you, dear friend, for shelter and for safety.

Thank you, dear friend, for food and for a drink.

In the desert of my heart, I stood in silence.

The pulse that should have been could not be heard.

I bent my ear down to listen to the stones.

From this position I could see your wounds before me.

The eye within me opened wide to cry.

Thank you, dear friend, for leading me to my heart.

Thank you, dear friend, your presence made it start.

Dear friend, let me help you cross your desert.

We will keep the dogs and thirst at bay.

Drink from my well until you find yours.

The rain will come and wash away the sorrow.

Dear friend, let me dress your wounds and soothe you,

And, we will live to lead another on the way