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Christmas Carol ( A Christmas Carol)

Some of you may remember the piano piece: Christmas Carol Draft Project and the lyrics which were from 12/13/2020

Well, I’ve gone and done it – here’s a version of the lyrics with the original piano (some editing and arranging)

May your holidays be peaceful, your friends and family kind and loving, and may your slide into the New Year be easy and relaxing.

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Mixtures Poetica Addition: At The Water Met

January 23, 2021, I wrote the poem: At the Water Met

The poem is a story about awakening, and the longing to rest easy in a disconnect from the world and the events in it. It is a cry for peace, as well as an answering to the call that is life and responsibility. There are dragons and aliens – symbols of power and otherness indicating a universal connection to energies we don’t fully understand which support humanity’s growth (we hope!).

For a while now, I have been playing with this -trying to get the music just right, and testing this kind of vocals or that kind of vocals, and I just couldn’t get it the way it needed to be until recently.

Here’s the spoken word with soundscape version of At The Water Met which will be on the someday forthcoming collection of pieces called Mixtures Poetica which is the follow up to the EP Poetic Mixtures, available on streaming platforms globally.

Here be dragons!
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New Song Lyrics: We Return to the Sea

(Verse 1)

I gave all my words to you

The wind took them

Blew them through the leaves

The rain made them fall

Puddles became streams leading

To the ocean

We all return to the sea

(Verse 2)

I gave all my words to you

Letter by letter

Page by page

And stood quiet before the trees

As they sang them back to me

Next to the stream they babbled

I followed them to the ocean


To drown there

In the love of ages

Wave after wave

We return to the sea

Wave after wave

We all return to the sea

(Verse 3)

Coming back to life

With love’s return

The clouds carrying us

To dream of blue skies

Rustling branches

In a free fall with each droplet

We follow them to the ocean

beach during sunset
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New Song: Drowning in the Ocean of If Only

Drowning in the Ocean of If Only

Summer breeze is rustling in these trees
Whispering of things that cannot be
Too hot here to think about it
My mind still turns it over

If only I had minded more
If only I had been lovelier
If only I had given you what you need
I’m drowning in these memories
Drowning in the summer lands

Oceans in the summer lands
Drowning in the lost and lonely
If only
If only

The tears are sliding down my cheeks
My heart grows heavy even in the light of the warmest sun
The rains are falling in my spirit
As I wonder
If I had been more mindful
If I had been more humble
If I had been more everything you like
Would you still be seeking
A place beside me
Would you still be needing
A space next to me
Would we still be we and not alone
If only
If only
If only I knew just what to do now
If only I could bring you back to you now
If only I could mend all that went wrong
I would do that

That’s what I’d do

I’d find a way to get somewhere you could love me


I’d find a way to be someone you could love

And I wouldn’t be here sitting in this shade under these trees

Swamped by the ocean and drowning in the if only
If only
If only

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New Song: A Truth and a Lie

Song: A truth and a Lie

They say guns are not the problem
And it’s true another black man died
60 bullets in his back
And it’s a lie mass shooting at the mall
At the school Uvalde where they hide

They say guns are not to blame and it’s a truth
Domestic violence and some 80 proof (whiskey) one could admit
No protection from the paper that was writ
Guns are not to blame and it’s just another lie
When youth can walk into a store, no training and walk out again he’s armed

Guns are our constitutional right it’s not untrue that there’s a clause for the population to have an excuse to bear
But it’s a lie that there should be no regulation or oversight

About the babies they say they they are pro-life up until they’re born or to save a mother’s life and so it’s the god forsaken motherfucking truth and it’s a lie

And the one side dithers righteously about how they’re better than the other and it’s a truth
And it’s a lie
They refuse to take a deeper look in their closets where they hide
The reasons that the other side can and do entrench and build and gain

And they comb their cocktail hair and put on their cocktail gowns
They all strut before us in a line of union and union-busting clowns
Like the boyfriend or the girlfriend or the theyfriend who will do no more than be just slightly better than your ex
And expect your full devotion knowing well the slim prospects

And the climates heating up and they say they really care
But when it comes to changing
point the finger over there
And I finally understood
That I finally know the truth
That it’s a lie
And it’s the truth
They’ve buried and they’ve hidden all the truth under the lie
And the lie upon the dung hill sipping wine and eating pie
And sell us all the same old shit
We’ve been hearing all along
And shrug and say it’s true that it is wrong
And it’s a lie that they’ve told us and they tell us
And that why the feeling people
The empaths and the impoverished have to cry and weep
And gnash the teeth worn down from the gnashing and the bearing and the injustice of it all
Because justice is a truth that in America’s a lie
Another lie painted over the motherfucking truth
But I don’t have proof
No I don’t have proof no
Nor an alibi
So when they serve the shot of silence
Force it down my throat
Just know that I’ll be grateful when I die
Justice gets us all alive in the end
And that’s the truth
But I don’t have proof

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Unfettered from the past

We walk and run and play

Moving towards that which we desire

Love or success or contemplation

In stillness we gather

In movement we release

The spirit soars and crashes

Moods shift like a storm front

Hot and slow

Rainy and cool

We meet on the edge

Of brilliance and disaster

Taking and giving and taking

It will come around again and again and again

Indecision before deciding

Wretched agonizing and cool clear certitude

Don’t hold back

Don’t give in

Don’t be bad

Don’t do it again

We are run away horses

We are the windblown plains

We are the sky at dawn

We are the Milky Way

With the sky on fire

With the burning earth

We are turning over

We are turning in

We are rounding the corner

We are about to begin

All that we hoped to become

All that we longed to know

All that there is to accumulate

We let go and let go and let go

For in an instance

Eternal illumination struck sizzling

For an instant

We held all we desired in our hands

And let go

We let it go

To walk and run and play


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Behind the Song: It Don’t Matter To Me – Rosalie Robison

“‘It Don’t Matter To Me’ was originally written as a poem, yet the music behind it stayed lodged in my head for years. I believe the words in this song were the first song lyrics I put to music. However, composing the piano accompaniment didn’t happen until recently when we recorded for the album “Patchwork Blue”. Oddly, when I retrieved this poem from an old notebook, I found other poems that also spoke song and will use these poems to create new songs.

The theme, obviously love won/lost, is universal and would appeal to that mindset. It is a song tribute to how we lose love, then find it, then lose it again, and find it again…a love song, a blues song, a heart breaker, a plea breaker. We can deny it doesn’t matter one way or another, but it does.”

Rosalie Robison

To listen on Apple or Spotify

Lyrics Here

Patchwork Blue Album
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Lyrics to Patchwork Blue Songs are Now Posted

Patchwork Blue has been variously described as a smoldering fire (I am assured this is a good thing), Avant Garde, Soundtrack music, and as defying expectations (some people liked this, and some did not).

This collaborative album I did with my friend, Rosalie, was born out of free form improvisation with jazz and Blues influences. The album is out on major digital markets. There are 10 songs on the album, 2 are instrumentals.

We had a request for the lyrics, and so I’ve posted them, and thought you-all might like to read them. 🙂

Survival is a form of Improvisation.

Also, I posted this new work on SoundCloud. It’s a sad, gloomy, and makes you wonder why I’m still breathing kind of song, but it captures that moment when I quite seriously felt that my existence here is just plodding on to the end, because what else am I going to do? Some losses can feel like that…but that feeling lifts eventually, maybe showing up in waves, each time a little less severe, a little less sad, a little less lonely. And if you’ve lost someone, and grieve so deeply, I’m sorry.

Grief is a difficult companion, but no one walks without it unless they cannot love. So, you loved well, and will heal in time, building the strength to carry it.

I took this song off of SoundCloud to rework it. So this is a dead link: