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On Remote Location. Back Soon

I’ve been caretaking a property, so apologies for the lack of regular posts.

Am rethinking how I use this space as well…might make it more of a weekly endeavor rather than shooting for daily.

I played open mics 5/7 days – hit all of the ones in town, so that was fun.

I’ve been out in the wilderness surrounded by plants, pets, and wildlife. It’s been rejuvenating as well as work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Heart Returned to Sender

My heart returned last night

From adventures far and wide

A little sheepish

A little quiet

A little battered from the journey

A little rougher than I’d like

So, I set it on the stage with me

Poured love into the mic

Watched it grow and heal beneath

The cozy, kind bar lights

All the worries

All the fears

All the longing that I feel

For a connection deep and true

Transformed by chord and key

Unlocking every fetter

Chaining you to me

I sing away the blues

I’m lost within the music now

My heart is home and healthy


Giving thanks and gratitude

For every song I drew

From all the love I won and lost

For all the mysteries uncovered

For every dream come true

We’re getting ready for the next dream

Recovery and rest

My heart is home again now

Returned to sender from the best

I could imagine

Whether truth or lie

Love is never ending


Love never dies

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The Warrior and the Fool

Stand face to face

Fool red faced and screaming

Warrior stands still

One hand on the weapon

Fool waving arms blustering

Rage rage rage

Draws weapon raving waving

Telegraphing every movement

Warrior draws

Knees slightly bent

Watching waiting

Fool is rushing swinging wringing

Metal upon metal

Fool wearies with ill timed attacks

Warrior deflects, defends, conserves

Fool attacks clumsy and fatigued

With a single strike

Warrior scores fatally

Nothing changes

Warrior remains steady

Weapon cleaned and sheathed



Waiting for another warrior

To offer a challenge


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Some days there are echoes

Telling me to be quiet

Threatening anyone who could help me

Should I be foolish enough to ask

The nightmares lasted for years

Can you sleep with them dying

Night after night

No end

Gone are all you loved

Your fault always your fault

Selfish because you asked them

To rescue you

In the dream he always found you

Stopped you

They died but he left you alive

Always the one survivor

To face alone another day

Until you escaped

Outlived him

The world roils trying to expel those like him

A different world intolerant of wrongs done

To the innocent


The world begs for a performance

Judges the performance performative

Punitively reprimanding


Here I am quiet

Silent silence slinking slipping

Support in the dark

A touch here

A lift there

Carefully so as not to draw

The wrong sort of attention

Just in case

There’s an unseen danger

Can I sing of wrongs and rights

Can I tell a story of terror and light

How bad was it

Reflects off of the cavern of disbelief

Would I shake at night

Refuse to close my eyes in case my life

Was a dream

And if I awoke back then instead of now

And had to do it again

Over and over

Might I refuse to close my eyes

Stave off drowsiness and sleep

I can’t go back and live again

Can I

Could I

Survive it twice and three times or more

Every time my thoughts touch the memory

A little less pain

Can I speak then of yew berries and cedar chips

How the maple tree held me in its arms while I read

There among the branches invisible to all

If I am silent shout at me to speak

I will disappear as well

I have been a shadow for so long in hiding

That the light can hurt

Hot bright touch to the skin long shielded

I can disappear in plain sight

I can crawl away

Turn sideways and you will forget I was ever there

I take the stage and sing now

Will I trip on the way down or on the way up

Falling always to the ground

Ready to run

Skittish legs and darting eyes

Know all the exits and obstacles between me and them

Who hears me in the night screaming but gods and angels and goddesses

Who withheld and withheld and withheld

While I burned in hell glowing white hot with rage and sorrow and pain

I long for the warm fire of love

A touch of tenderness and vitality

An ember of hope

And a voice that does no harm

Either from silence or sound

I evaluate every note


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Who Fell First

Memory is tricky

Fading tricks of light

Remembering what we thought we knew


Slightly askew

Summer days of honey

Golden light and blue blue skies

Buzzing bees o’er fields of clover

Thunderstorms blew up from the past

Roiling clouds come rolling in from distant places

Pink heat lighting flickers long before the booming sounds

A charge is in the air

The temperature is dropping

Darkening sky and quickening heart

We were just fourteen when all time stopped

A crack of lighting lashed the sky

Large slow drops began to hit the warm concrete

Sidewalks curbs and suburban streets

Manicured grass soft to barefeet

Low rumblings growing closer

The light then sound and count it out

How far the storm we wonder

Every minute stronger power

We mark the moment that all changes

From comfortable skin to something new

A glance

A brush of bare arms

We are crackling like lightning

Our hearts are thunderous

Treacherous beasts

At the loudest sudden sound we shudder

Laughing just a beat too late

The sky is fissured

Cracked by light and split by sound

Here comes the rain now pouring down

We run out in the wind arms wide

We spin in storms outside of time

Tumble together in the sodden grass

We laugh with gods and goddesses

We made it here at last

This refuge from the past


I guess it never mattered

Who fell first

We help each other up

The storm has left a promise

We collect it every day

Every breath

Every beat of passion

Every gentle glance of love

We walk away still holding hands

The path calling us home awaits

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We sing off key

a tuneless melody


outrageous happiness

Shouting affirmations to the sky

We dance without rhythm or care

We are free


All around us vibrant blooms are charming

The trees lift their branches over our heads

We twirl beneath the stars and the clouds and the strawberry moon

No one can steal this moment

In the wild forest growing

A melody begins from chaos

Keys unlock hidden doors

Wide open hearts

Roll down hills laughing

Without regrets

A divine celebration

As the sun rises

Whole and shining in the blue blue sky

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