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Lost and Found

Were you lost, then


Were you left tied

And standing still

Did the seeds take root

There in your head

Did they grow prosperous

From your own demise

And were you found once

By a ghostly soul

Running barefoot in the shade

And were you captured then

Alight within

Were you glowing to the brim

And were your shadows haunted

By a spirit or a sprite

Did hope grow there despite

The feelings gloom and dim

And were you celebrated

Were you cherished anyway

As she held you there forever

In her heart until this day

Were the past and future stunned

Did the moment steal your breath

Do you wonder can she feel you


So far away again

You can hear the answer

Can’t you

With the rustle through the leaves

She’s bound to come once more

There in the woods there by the glen

And touch you softly with her

Love and with her sin

Wendy Kheiry

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On Remote Location. Back Soon

I’ve been caretaking a property, so apologies for the lack of regular posts.

Am rethinking how I use this space as well…might make it more of a weekly endeavor rather than shooting for daily.

I played open mics 5/7 days – hit all of the ones in town, so that was fun.

I’ve been out in the wilderness surrounded by plants, pets, and wildlife. It’s been rejuvenating as well as work. 🙂

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Shooting Star

Targeting wishes which stretch through the night

Moving toward dreams without fear without fright

Waking in tears from the toil of it all

Back to sleep reawaken to morning bird calls

There’s dew on the grass

Falling rain just a splash

Morning has broken the fall

I rise like the dawn

Stretch open and wide

In the fog

In the clouds

In the sky

There’s a song in the air

There are words in the breeze

There’s a story out there that I’m hunting

I grab up my pen

Loaded with ink

Off through the forest to think

One vowel at a time I will capture

The consonants fall into the traps

I’ll stalk paragraphs through the morning

And sentences after a nap

I’ll wrestle the details

Hang the drafts up to cure

Add the notes and the melodies later

I shoot for the stars

Whether near whether far

Dreaming the life of a writer

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We didn’t arrive here easily

Down the darkest paths pushed

How we crawled through the tangled, thorn pricked underbrush

Belly to the ground wallowing in mud




Lighting fires from our dreams

Burning down the past

Running running through fields of broken glass

Hiding still and quiet in the caverns of hollow logs

Profane choices too dark to contemplate

Cursing divine madness backs to the light

We tumbled and fell down the hills of cold granite

Scraped and struggled up mountains of disbelief

Exploring the ruins of generational neglect

How did we ever arrive intact


Mending and healing

Laughing and singing

Striving and believing

In spite of every wrong turn

We bloom in the night

We still blossom in the dark

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Whispering Love

I unpacked my fears and flaws
Audited and sorted
I folded and repaired
The tears and rents within
With tenderness I reached
A wilderness untamed
An isolated beach
An ocean calm and still
A never-ending peace
A refuge in the storm
I tossed away some garments
Doubt and worry in the pile
They just no longer fit
The shape I have become
Every fear
Every flaw
I know their names now
Wrapped carefully in kindness
Less likely to sting
This time of year I air it out
Housecleaning in the spring
Neatly folded into drawers
Or cast out in the rain
I whisper love
Both day and night
I whisper love
Confidence and fright
I whisper love
In darkness and in light