In the Grip

Just a brightly colored stone

Washed ashore and caught

How long will this defiance continue

Gravity is thwarted

The rush of sea and ocean waves


How long has this gone on

Precious bounty


The tides sweep all away


For now

For now

We stay right here

Above it all

Unseen grip

No gripe

Unique and radiant

Secure and safe

No strife

Coming and Going

All anticipation and no remorse

I travel in high hopes above the clouds

I touched the ocean, tasted the salty air

Sand in shoes and socks

Eyes full of glory

Under the twisted oak branches

I walked rugged trails and well groomed paths

Delight in repast

The sky mutable showed all of its wonders

Sunny blue skies, peppery clouds, fog and snow

Gone like the wind I mounted

Another flight back to the unknown

The improbable waiting for me

The impossible home

I drink deeply from this cup

My life

I wander in wonder

Building a world from dreaming


A settling, a nesting, a refreshing

Time out

Two more heartbeats

A chime, a charm, a chill

To time in

Oregon Coast


Untangled heart still beating


Each beat slowed




Not waiting

This day is unfolding in sunshine

This day is happening now

Inhale love

Exhale love

The world awaits me

Time’s grand illusion


When all there has ever been

And ever will be

Is right now

Full of magic and hope



Glowing in the light


We split apart in the beginning

During the great expansion

Hearts breaking open

With each loss growing larger

With each good-bye softening

With each morning shining

Though cold dark times we flailed

The great failings

Huge mistakes

Mispoken words

Storms surrounded us

Blowing strong against us

Until we were reduced

Bare bones and sparkling spirits

Wrestling demons and decisions

There was that perfect hello

When all that had been awry

Clicked into place

The great turning of keys in locks

Chains falling unneeded to the ground

Now we fly through clear blue skies

Skimming and diving and circling

Choosing and creating a nest in a tall tree

Under the eaves

Under the daytime moon

We dream soft and pure

True and good

Of that peaceful lake within

Whose shore we never leave behind


I See You, Magnificent

I would tell you over and again

What I love about you

How the sparkle in your eyes lights up the world

How your big huge heart inspires me

How your dedication to the ones you love earns my respect

I would tell you once again

How your love for nature resonates through the wild woods

How your ability to overcome adversity with patience and hope brightens dark corners

How your insights and devotion to growth blaze trails in the minds around you

I would tell you once more

How your presence in this world is needed

How without you the world would be smaller, darker, colder

How without you the music would never play

The sun itself would dull

The clouds would never lift

And song itself would end

These are some of the ways I love you

How can I thank you for the joy you bring

For the light that shines through you

For the notes that become the melody

The harmony of this dissonant world

How can I thank you for staying

Who will tell you these things when I am gone

Listen to the whisper of the wind at dawn

To the ocean coming to shore

To the birds singing in the trees

Saying, “Thank you. I love you. I see you, magnificent.”