Celestial Tryst

Celestial Tryst is a romantic EP created by collaborators Wendy Kheiry and Rosalie Robison. This is their second collaboration, the first being Patchwork Blue. This creative EP is a balm for hurting and hopeful hearts everywhere . Rosalie travelled to Bloomington, Indiana and spent the week with Wendy working daily on lyrics, composing, and recording piano and vocals.

Photo Credit Ashley Arnold 2022

Song List

To The Moon


Poetry By Moonlight


Release Date: February 14, 202

Cover Photo Credit: Ashley Arnold

Rosalie Robison

Rosalie Robison fell in love with songwriting while searching for her musical place in the Universe. With years of piano playing under her belt, and later vocal training, Rosalie found her strength in bringing forth the lyrics, which are often based on poetry.

Rosalie has taken classes at a music conservatory, taken private lessons, and completed a community college performance program. With her B.A. in Poetics with a music minor, she has taken her talents to the audience with both solo and ensemble performances.

Her basis is to share a message in each song, often subtle, whimsical, poetic, humorous, or a life tale. She listens to her own ‘drum’ when it comes to musical sound and what appeals to her ear. Her interests include many styles and genres of music, with a gravitation towards jazz and blues.

Rosalie leads weekly music improvisation sessions at a local venue. She is a writer and an accomplished artist.

Wendy Kheiry

Hopeful romantic, Wendy Kheiry brings heart and spirit to every project, whether music, poetry, art, or other writing, her keen powers of observation, enjoyment of wordplay, and insight into the human conditions of love and suffering provide the audience an open invitation to experience an overcoming of odds in favor of love and healing.

Wendy has been writing music even as she was learning piano as a child. She picked up guitar in her 20s and set it back down while she raised her children. After her family was grown and gone, she bought a guitar and began writing songs again. Soon captivated by the music, she added an 88 key digital keyboard, a classical guitar, a set of harmonicas, and began to study in earnest.

She attended musical improvisation workshops, took a guitar class at MATC, and was mentored by local musicians in guitar, piano, and drums. In spite of a challenging case of stage fright, Wendy continues to perform at open mic nights around town in addition to playing pop-up appearances around town, usually in an outside setting.

Behind the song ‘To the Moon’

Rosalie writes:

To the Moon song story:

Life is wide open. No place to run or hide without residue, so why not go all the way…to the moon.

Life is a game, filled with obstacles, yet dream ridden, decisions constantly questioning our motives.

We can use music and song to get through it all, to keep the spirit alive, to cope and deal with each new day and…take it to the moon.

Behind the song Stargazing

Rosalie and I sat down and talked about the making of Stargazing. Here’s the song, and then there will be a video of our discussion under that.

Behind the Song Poetry By Moonlight

Wendy: Poetry By Moonlight is based off of the poem I wrote called ‘By Moonlight‘. Wild hearts are always free and, with intention, can build a future together, and I think that is the magic of moonlight and love.