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Art Works For Sale

I am just getting over a bout of Covid

Tired days

Slogging ways

Chronic condition visits

Unwelcome not unexpected

Missed work

Shuffled responsibilities

But I have art

I have poetry

There is joy in this quietude

Peace in solitude

I have listed some artworks for sale

More will be posted this week

I am clear coating them today

In the corner of my house

Thank you for your presence

Your kind words and encouragement

Energy levels rising every day

The birds sing

And the sun shines

Life continues

Each dawn a gift

Link is Here

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It’s a trope, you know

The aging man with the bad mustache

Looking back at the height of life

Throwing pigskins to a cheering crowd

Just before the homecoming dance

I am he grasping back to a wild success

that failed

Failed to hold due to forces beyond my control

All the forces are beyond me

I like to think I am self determined

I like to think I have wherewithal

I like to think I can

Except on days I can’t

It’s too hard to dream anymore

Too hard to believe

Too hard to try

It’s too much sometimes

To even open up my eyes

It’s too difficult to see

Ambition runs right out of my veins

I am deflated

I am defeated

I haven’t heard the pistol

Nothing has begun

I can’t get to the starting line

I don’t really want to run

I amble back into the forest

To watch the sunshine through the leaves

I don’t want that to be the pinnacle

That can’t remain the top

Of all I have accomplished

I don’t really want to stop

My passions are more muted

The edges have been rounded

Smoothed down by time and tears

The fire burns more broadly

The fuel is hardwood not the soft

This flame is more longlasting

I still can reach the top

A slow climb

A steady step

Already I can feel the changes

A return of something wholesome

I make beauty every day

My gift is heart as much as skill

I don’t need to win a ribbon

I don’t want to be

Here I am still breathing

Love with every breath

I let the future do its thing

It does what it wants to anyway

I just do this thing before me

In that senseless, timeless way

Listening always to the heartcalls

That keep me going

Every day

brown and black cut away acoustic guitar
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New Episode of Wendy Says Things is Out Now

I’m talking about creativity, vulnerability, and living a fully realized creative life on this episode of Wendy Says Things!

Give it a listen, hit that like button, and share far and wide.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and for being patient while I’ve been settling into a new life after moving!

Listen Here!

I had this framed, and gave it to my college roommate, who I’m staying with for a while, and it’s hanging on a wall in her kitchen! (At least until I move into my new place :P)
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Daily Poem 11/12/2020

They said, “Don’t cross this line. Beware.”

“Fit into this box. Don’t dare to say what’s on your mind.”

Layer after layer of constraint

Painting the world in black and white

They sold lies as truth

Fed doubts and fear to undermine

The inner voice


Every color packed away

Every nuance, hue, and shade

Carefully stored in cardboard boxes

Every thought set free against

An august sky

Defiance is a cloak I wear

A cape of brilliant patches

Woven in the darkest nights

Of moonbeam threads

Strings of melodies and

Yarn dyed

In vats of amber dreams


Every sleeping color

Awakens with the dawn

The palette full of life will not be


The words flow in a torrent

The storms bring memories

And every thought set free to fly

Comes home to roost

In protective branches of

The ancient sepia tree


The boxes are flung open

The colors call for an accounting

Every shade, nuance, and hue

Will be painted on the canvas of this life

Every letter sharpened

Every word is honed

In black and white

“I dare.”