Patchwork Blue

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Patchwork Blue is a collaborative album between Rosalie Robison, who is a Milwaukee musician and songwriter, and Wendy Kheiry, who is a singer/songwriter/musician soon to move from the Milwaukee area. 

Rosalie and Wendy met at musical improvisation workshops hosted at the Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts before the pandemic temporarily closed the Center. These improvisation workshops encouraged each musician to actively resist falling into the usual patterns of rhythm and melody, and encouraged each musician to explore using instruments outside of their usual parameters. During the pandemic, Rosalie and Wendy took some of their songs through the recording, mixing, and mastering process to produce this original works Experimental Blues album.

Rosalie’s smoky vocals and jazz background color her songs in vivid telling of life as a musician, and tales of love and angst. Wendy’s sings languidly through songs backed by guitar, piano, and harmonica to bring to evoke feelings of isolation and connection.

Lyrics to the songs on Patchwork Blue can be found here.


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When Beggars Ride

“If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Is a saying which means that merely thinking about something doesn’t get the job accomplished, and was used as a sort of rebuke to the poor, but that’s doesn’t have to be the whole story.

I thought about how dreams are motivation to attempt the extraordinary. With opportunity and self-discipline, people can change their lives, accomplish amazing goals, and reach their dreams. Wishes are hopes defined, and dreams make life worth living.

I wanted this song to celebrate the creative process, the risk taking, and the determination it takes to get new ventures off the ground, or to solve particularly tricky problems. I wanted the feeling of it to be relaxed, and dreamy as solutions and vision come to us when we are in a receptive state of mind. And I wrote it further along in the story, with the beggars on the way to the goal, doing the impossible in a more equitable world for everyone.

When beggars ride, they can change the world.

Wendy Kheiry

The Blues Call It Out

The blues surround us. We cannot escape. We listen to ease our souls, to laugh off our troubles, to relate to the story. We need the blues to get through. In this song, I’m having a bit of fun playing around with the blues. Call it what you want, it’s the blues right or wrong.

Rosalie Robison

Bottle Of The Blues
Can’t Sing My Song Blues

“Can’t Sing My Song Blues”, evolved from a music improvisation class I took. The story song is laid out as to how I felt when another singer borrowed a song I’d brought for a music ensemble class. Even though it is a standard ballad, the song felt like my song as a band leader in a group I’d been singing in presented it to me as a good fit for my voice and delivery. Thus a bluesy feeling seemed appropriate for this number.

Rosalie Robison

10 Cent Angel

Being Uncomfortable
Meeting Angels
Turning it around

10 Cent Angel is about leaving – not the nostalgic adventure, but the one where staying would mean the death of spirit, destruction. This is the song for those who walked, or ran away, and who maybe looked back once or twice and kept going.

This is for those who want to go, who need to go,or who have considered it. If you understood the fuel behind the leaving, you might understand how it wouldn’t be as true if it had been done differently.

This song is also for those met along the path, who shared a part of the journey. Good company. Angels taking care of angels.

And this is for the gossips left behind – the petty speculation  and mean spirited focus are part of the whole problem with humanity. Turn your mind to helping yourself and others. And lastly this song for those who take advantage  of others’ youth, innocence, and naivete – you never win, nor will you ever win.

Wendy Kheiry

It Don’t Matter To Me

“‘It Don’t Matter To Me’ was originally written as a poem, yet the music behind it stayed lodged in my head for years. I believe the words in this song were the first song lyrics I put to music. However, composing the piano accompaniment didn’t happen until recently when we recorded for the album “Patchwork Blue”. Oddly, when I retrieved this poem from an old notebook, I found other poems that also spoke song and will use these poems to create new songs.
The theme, obviously love won/lost, is universal and would appeal to that mindset. It is a song tribute to how we lose love, then find it, then lose it again, and find it again…a love song, a blues song, a heart breaker, a plea breaker. We can deny it doesn’t matter one way or another, but it does.”

Rosalie Robison

Blue Night
All My Efforts In Vain

It Matters


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