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Mulit-instrumentalist and songwriter Wendy Kheiry has released three EPs, two singles on her own and two collaborations with the talented pianist and lyricist Rosalie Robison, an album and the latest EP, Celestial Tryst under the WKM label. With a foundation in classical piano and years spent improvising over scales, Wendy brings a combination of traditional sound and experimentation to her works such as the classical crossover, Infection Trilogy, the Poetic Mixtures EP, and the first internationally released EP, Nothing to See Here, which showcases some of her earliest experimentations as she learned how to record music in her small Milwaukee apartment. The experimental, Blues inspired Patchwork Blues combined Rosalie and Wendy’s penchant for strong lyrics and pushing the rules of music beyond their recommended parameters to bring a raw, improvised album full of feeling, depth, and unexpected insight.

With a strong presence on SoundCloud, Wendy showcases early versions of projects like the first four tracks to the upcoming Mixtures Poetica, and original acoustic guitar pieces. Snippets of practices and song development can be found nestled within nature shots on her Instagram. See the LinkTree to catch up with Wendy across social media or find her released music on your favorite streaming platform.

Currently located in Bloomington, Indiana, Wendy participates in local music scene as time allows.

Released February 14, 2023: Celestial Tryst

In the process of producing music for distribution, the Wendy Kheiry Music label was born. Registered with ISRC, soundexchange, and ASCAP, Wendy Kheiry Music has released three solo EPs, two solo singles, and two collaborative works with Rosalie Robison.

Your heart is a gift to the world.

Wendy Kheiry