When You Were Sober

When you were sober

You eyes were bright like stars

Twinkling in my universe

Even on your downcast days

Being near you was better than not

When you were sober

Your joy infected me with hope

The sweet and caring way you spoke

Melted this icy heart

And then came a night

Of too much drink (says who?)

And angry voicings

And I ran

Became the deer in the forest

A multitude of fear dispersed

Pounding hooves away from danger

And the wolf inside me growled

And the pack awoke

And deer became lupine

There in the dark woods

Circling around to hunt the danger

Protecting the territory

The sacred

The smell of alcohol and anger

Is the smell of rot and death

So the wolf howls

For the days you were sober

Not drowned in drink

The wolf howls

For evenings under moonlit waters

For walks under a canopy of hope

The wolf is howling still


I’ve been practicing quite a bit.

Came down with a bad case of exhaustion caused by an underlying chronic condition, but I’ve been taking steps to recover. Resting, water intake, staying warm, a little exercise.

Here’s some progress I’ve been making on one of my Christmas songs:

Take care of yourselves well as we approach a new year.