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Thoughts on Production

Yesterday as I was driving willy-nilly across Southern Indiana, somewhat lost and going in the wrong direction, Fancy Car came up on the playlist and I was so tickled with it I played it twice. This was followed directly by one of the songs from Celestial Tryst, Stargazing, and I played that twice too.

I laughed with delight. All of that hard work became this. If you could see me, I’m gesturing. My imperfect works out in the world holding what value they will to the listeners who hear them and play them more than once. Working with Rosalie on both Celestial Tryst and Patchwork Blue has been extraordinary. She pushes me past my perfectionist tendencies where I would maybe get bogged down by doubt and self-consciousness.

Even as I’m busy producing – audio, video, artwork, CDs, social media content, it was good to be lost driving and going the wrong direction because it brought me to the realization of accomplishment, a moment to enjoy something I created.

I found the way to my destination eventually.

If you haven’t taken a moment to listen to Celestial Tryst, I hope you press play and listen to all three tracks. We worked thematically on these songs. I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you for your support and encouragement.

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Acoustic Project

I’ve been in the studio playing and recording some acoustic originals.

This is the accumulation of the past year’s playing out at open mics, writing lyrics, composing music, and honing each song. There’s still some work to do before the tracks are ready to master and distribute, but I am and I will be adding tracks up on SoundCloud to preview.

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Christmas Carol ( A Christmas Carol)

Some of you may remember the piano piece: Christmas Carol Draft Project and the lyrics which were from 12/13/2020

Well, I’ve gone and done it – here’s a version of the lyrics with the original piano (some editing and arranging)

May your holidays be peaceful, your friends and family kind and loving, and may your slide into the New Year be easy and relaxing.