A Truth and A Lie

“We’re all screwed or we’re going to fix this shit.”


They say guns are not the problem
And it’s true another black man died
60 bullets in his back
And it’s a lie mass shooting at the mall
At the school Uvalde where they hide

They say guns are not to blame and it’s a truth
Domestic violence and some 80 proof (whiskey) one could admit
No protection from the paper that was writ
Guns are not to blame and it’s just another lie
When youth can walk into a store, no training and walk out again he’s armed

Guns are our constitutional right it’s not untrue that there’s a clause for the population to have an excuse to bear
But it’s a lie that there should be no regulation or oversight


About the babies they say they they are pro-life up until they’re born or to save a mother’s life and so it’s the god forsaken motherfucking truth and it’s a lie

And the one side dithers righteously about how they’re better than the other and it’s a truth
And it’s a lie
They refuse to take a deeper look in their closets where they hide
The reasons that the other side can and do entrench and build and gain

And they comb their cocktail hair and put on their cocktail gowns
They all strut before us in a line of union and union-busting clowns
Like the boyfriend or the girlfriend or the theyfriend who will do no more than be just slightly better than your ex
And expect your full devotion knowing well the slim prospects

And the climates heating up and they say they really care
But when it comes to changing
point the finger over there
And I finally understood
That I finally know the truth
That it’s a lie
And it’s the truth
They’ve buried and they’ve hidden all the truth under the lie
And the lie upon the dung hill sipping wine and eating pie
And sell us all the same old shit
We’ve been hearing all along
And shrug and say it’s true that it is wrong
And it’s a lie that they’ve told us and they tell us
And that why the feeling people
The empaths and the impoverished have to cry and weep
And gnash the teeth worn down from the gnashing and the bearing and the injustice of it all
Because justice is a truth that in America’s a lie
Another lie painted over the motherfucking truth
But I don’t have proof
No I don’t have proof no
Nor an alibi
So when they serve the shot of silence
Force it down my throat
Just know that I’ll be grateful when I die
Justice gets us all alive in the end
And that’s the truth
But I don’t have proof