Infection Trilogy

Infection Trilogy is a primarily instrumental trio of tracks which, like a story, has a beginning middle, and end.

The virus that is thought, the contagion of dangerous lack of thought occurring right in the middle of a global viral pandemic. A lament for all that we’ve lost, Infection gives wordless voice to the griefs we share, and those too personal to express.

Unamended, Unmended is a haunting track of desolation, isolation, and is uncomfortably eerie. This track will blow fresh air into stagnant areas of the spirit. Keep going!

Darned Socks is multilevel play on words, as well as the resolution to the previous tracks. We do not have to stay where we are, or continue going the direction we’ve been going. We can circle around, backtrack, and revisit that which has not been resolved in ourselves, our communities, our states, our nation, and our world.

We grieve for that which we hope.


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