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Art Works For Sale

I am just getting over a bout of Covid

Tired days

Slogging ways

Chronic condition visits

Unwelcome not unexpected

Missed work

Shuffled responsibilities

But I have art

I have poetry

There is joy in this quietude

Peace in solitude

I have listed some artworks for sale

More will be posted this week

I am clear coating them today

In the corner of my house

Thank you for your presence

Your kind words and encouragement

Energy levels rising every day

The birds sing

And the sun shines

Life continues

Each dawn a gift

Link is Here

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The music plays lightly from the speakers on the desk

It’s not too loud and something soothing and familiar

Small, fold down table laden with brushes in a coffee mug

Mason jar tinted blue with an inch of water waiting

The thrill uncapping colors

A canvas laid out before me

I meant to stay, but I tumbled

Color swirled

Brushes brushed

A flower, a tree, a forest

Sunset, sunrise, an entire city

Shadows and light and color

Water flowed like a river reflecting

It’s almost like here, but not quite

A world to explore similar

I step through boundaries only accessible at night

In dreams and lucid states I come untethered

Traveling beyond limitations

How the hours pass

Hunger howls before I stop

The sun has gone down and there’s still

Clean-up and assessment

And then it’s eating and contentment


I’ll be leaving be sure of that

Every chance I get