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The Welcoming

He arrives in swirls of feelings

Wide eyed and questioning

I lower my eyes and make space

There’s plenty of room for us both

Will you

He asks


The boundaries in place

I will wait

For the welcoming

For the wonder

For the calling

For the pleasure

I will walk free beside him

When he arrives

In a swirl of colors and sound

Breathing life into a dead space

Breathing warmth into the cold

Breathing love into the empty place

My heart left when it flew

To be near him

I dance alone until then

Content to be myself

Letting my heart roam where it will

Until it returns for this moment

Of welcoming

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Where Have You Gone

The winds blew you away

In a gale

In a whoosh

In a breeze

Tumbling across the desert

Deluged in the sheeting rain

Capsized by waves




Did you continue courageous

Did you succeed victorious

Were you scrambling for footing

Have you lost your way

Does your heart still beat for truth

Are you seeking love

Are you hanging upside down in a tree

The hanged man suspended

Biding time

Waiting for the stars to align

Hark to the spring song

The lilies bloom in time

The roads converge

The wind dies

We stand at the grave weeping

She is reborn

The whole world rejoiced

A rainbow glowing

Across the ocean bound

Where have you gone that

You cannot return again

A new path on an old road

An old foot on a new path

Where have you gone my heart

I hear you beating on the wind


Flying home

Soaring free

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Learning to Fail

Careless wishes

To desire patience is to invite adversity

To want grace begs humiliation

To long for mastery calls mistakes

There is no other way to learn

Or become better

But through the rough

Thus, we stand in the spotlight

Gear failing on the stage

Fumbling for chords

Stammering lines

Out of tune

Out of rhythm

Ploughing forward

Disaster upon disaster

Teaching us that it is not the end




Being human



Against the odds of ourselves

Weeping and laughing

Losing and winning

Another step forward

Learning to fail

Learning grace

Learning patience

This grand experiment

Success is on the other side somewhere

Across the bridges built

Brick by brick

Try by try

Redoubled effort


Hope rises to answer

Each careless wish

By learning to fail

We learn to fly

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I See You, Magnificent

I would tell you over and again

What I love about you

How the sparkle in your eyes lights up the world

How your big huge heart inspires me

How your dedication to the ones you love earns my respect

I would tell you once again

How your love for nature resonates through the wild woods

How your ability to overcome adversity with patience and hope brightens dark corners

How your insights and devotion to growth blaze trails in the minds around you

I would tell you once more

How your presence in this world is needed

How without you the world would be smaller, darker, colder

How without you the music would never play

The sun itself would dull

The clouds would never lift

And song itself would end

These are some of the ways I love you

How can I thank you for the joy you bring

For the light that shines through you

For the notes that become the melody

The harmony of this dissonant world

How can I thank you for staying

Who will tell you these things when I am gone

Listen to the whisper of the wind at dawn

To the ocean coming to shore

To the birds singing in the trees

Saying, “Thank you. I love you. I see you, magnificent.”

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Bleak grey sky and a pocketful of adventure

The stinging cold tempered by a little hope

In disbelief, I sat trying to turnover an engine of dreams

That would not start

Just an endless clicking

No purring come-to-life signifyer

My engine guy’s name is Joe (of course it is –

All the best mechanics are so named)

It’s probably a dead battery, Joe said

Dead in the frozen ocean of snow

The biting wind nipped at my hands

While I looked within

At a terminal problem

One can labor under the weight of options

For hours or days

Choices and consequences and possible futures

Strung out in an infinite array

A pressure to decide just to have made a decision

Tempered by an internal patience

More information

Sit with the complications

Until reduced to a precise simplicity

Better connections

Cleaned and cleared of the past

Replace the core

Take the time it takes, but make it quick

Stick with it until the solution arrives

Until the word is go


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