Wendy Kheiry

Legend has it that Wendy was born singing.

Possibly part fae, mostly human, Wendy is a mystical mystic born into an imaginary realm, anchored in this world until her life quest is fulfilled. The mysterious nature of her journey has taken her to far away places where she has been helped and guided by friends and foes to fulfill her destiny.

The latest adventures involve storytelling, songwriting, singing, guitar playing, composing, and art. She plays multiple instruments and excels in creating works that speak to the heart.

I have all the ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences. The worse they are, the more I had them to the point that neglect was wonderful. To be invisible, unheeded, uncared for meant no one was actively hurting me. I have spent years healing that trauma. I’ve read books, gone to therapy, participated in workshops, journaled through some of the worst experiences that people can survive.

The human body is amazing how sturdy it is, how it can withstand so much pain and damage and continue to limp along. The human body is fragile as well, so that is the first paradox of life and survival.

I have worked as a Spiritual Counselor and hold on online ordination through the Universal Life Church to legally protect the confidentiality of my clients. I am an energy worker, and have worked with people who have experienced tremendous trauma to renew their sacred connection to their spirit, to the divine, to others.

I create art, poetry, music to heal and lift my spirit. I share it all, even the struggle in hopes that it inspires other people to create, and to bring joy and happiness or laughter to people, and to commiserate. Life is challenging, but at least we have each other.

This is how I create meaning in my life.

This is how I love.

This is how I continue to grow and heal.

Wendy Kheiry