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Whispering Love

I unpacked my fears and flaws
Audited and sorted
I folded and repaired
The tears and rents within
With tenderness I reached
A wilderness untamed
An isolated beach
An ocean calm and still
A never-ending peace
A refuge in the storm
I tossed away some garments
Doubt and worry in the pile
They just no longer fit
The shape I have become
Every fear
Every flaw
I know their names now
Wrapped carefully in kindness
Less likely to sting
This time of year I air it out
Housecleaning in the spring
Neatly folded into drawers
Or cast out in the rain
I whisper love
Both day and night
I whisper love
Confidence and fright
I whisper love
In darkness and in light

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I Drowned

In the bog I lay

Sinking deeper into sludge

Wrapped in silt and mud

Dampened by these roots and reeds

Birds on rushes singing dirge

A heron standing vigil on the shore

I sing I scream no longer

Muted underwater

Dragonflies dancing in the air

Above me darting daring

And deeper dreaming me

Opens eyes which cannot see

I’m made of clay and squirming things

Becoming grass and greener springs

Returned to source and sourceless born

Alive and dead and

Dead alive

My spirit mired in weighted worries

Sending up a single shoot

Without the mud no blooming blossomed

This concentrated beauty bridging

Otherworld and worldly others

Unfolded petals worshipping the sun

Floating on serenity and calm

I was undone

Shaped and molded

Celestial bonded

Seeking heaven

Rising from this shrouded wetland

Just to hold your hand

Just to hold your hand

white flower on body of water
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Temporary Temporal Trouble

I couldn’t find the time

He lost it

An hour here

A few minutes there

She wasted some

And they had plenty

But lost track of it

Minutes seem forever

And years fly by too fast

Winging over every major transitory


It’s been forever

We say

As the clock ticks



We want more at times

And less at others

In all the striving

Rushed and waiting

Circling what’s important

Without touching it

Breathing light and fast

Hurried and worried


The moment crashes into time

We can see it splintering

Fragments of our most important


Sheared off hopes flung far and wide

We let go

We let go

Of what was

Of what might be

This one deep breath


A patient certitude

A tender gratitude


Life is now