Gaining Ground

This tiny spoon digging

Moving mountains

Hollowing out valleys



A changescape

An escape

I have reformed the world

Bouldered pebbles rolling down the sides

Miniature models

Of a greater space

I am a goddess here with my dress

Grass stained and smeared in mud

Creating new worlds out of my destruction

Until snacks and naps

Call me home

person with crossed legs sitting on rock
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Seeing Angels

They love the bustling crowds

Of New York City

Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angelas

Blending in

Elbow to elbow with humankind

There is a cast to their outline

A little brighter

A lack of shadow

They feel your glance like a touch

When your eyes dart back to look again

They have already disappeared

Did they shapeshift


Become invisible

Were they to task

Or on shore leave for a moment

Oh, mysterious world!

Full of wonders and secrets

Unfold miracles in these troubled times

And let the winged ones

Have their moments

In the sun

man with wings standing on brown mountain peak
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