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Remembering Summer’s Game

Swept up again in summer’s shine
Sweeping scattered clouds are fine
No warmth from then remaining
No sun appears to clear the grey
Monochrome this chill
Midsummer shill
When I was gambling and a’gaming
The chips were down
The ante raised
I lost with a full house
Left while my cash was waning
Wrapped in cold
Cooked by a foil
The truth came dousing down
Squeal the tires and floor it
Here in winter’s frozen gown
Relieved of autumn’s yawn
Blade to branch and score it
Spring’s soon enough to play once more
I bank my chips
This shot, I’ll pour it

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Bitter Falls the Day

Steamrolled and tired

A downward spiral

Petals hit the ground

The flowers gone

The seeds have fallen

Winter frost bites hard

And fast

In hearts like mine

And yours

And theirs

A loving flame that


Burned and flared in these

Conflagrating times

We share

Gone to ground

Burrowed deeply in the earth

In silent midnight caves

Held by stone and rock and clay

Spirit flowing out and in

To the past and back again

We meet our wounds

We heal each blast

We nurture hope

And in return

Are nurtured as we

Begin to climb

Out of the dirt

Out of the grime to

Rise again renewed

The seeds crack open

Far and wide

We grow

We grow

We grow


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My Heart Left

How can I feel anything at all

No longer alive, but weeping still

Waterfalls become rivers in the cavern

Where my heart once beat

A silent ocean calm


Dark and cold

Buried under stone shaped like bones

There’s no rhythm to my blood

No spark or twinkle in my eye

Lack and more lack

Making room for art and song

A dirge for love lost

I buried hope under divine dreams

What a love did grow there

That ran off with my heart

How shall I live

Without my heart

Beating here in this cavernous chest

Each breath in a painful remembrance

Each exhale a soft let go

I sigh your name

Bid you once and twice

Return to me

My heart

Where love did blossom

Even in winter’s frozen landscape

A garden of hope

A spirit of joy and light

In the darkest days and longest nights

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Different Now

Subtle shades have fallen

In lavender and blues

The sky glows pink on that horizon

No clouds on furrowed brows

How crisp the winter morning grows


I miss the waking joy I felt

I miss the anticipation

Dogged daily duties are just passing


My spirit rises slowly

To meet another empty day

To greet and see the beauty

Still, it’s not the same

I fill up all the empty spaces

The quiet lasts too long

That part of me still pouting

Don’t want to love

Don’t want to move

Don’t want to stay

Don’t want to feel this way


Drink a cup of coffee

Thinking of the ones who love me

Life abounds me

Love surrounds me

I know that joy is not essential

Joy will visit once again

Slogging through the morning

In its subtle shades of blue

My sighing breath a meditation

Of all the ways that I miss you

Born to love

Taught to give

Slowly learning how to let go

Slowly letting go

I show up ready every time

Open hearted


I let the healing taking its course

I let the difference be

I’ll get used to who I am now

This dawning light on me

I glow a little brighter now

A little larger

A little lighter

When my home appears

To welcome me

There will be no lingering


No lingering in the past

I watch the different ways

The light tastes

In lavender and blues

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Keep Warm

There is the cold void of space

Expanding through your heart

Temperatures dropping


Every slight, every ding, every pain

We numb and withdraw

Our sap dropping from limbs to root

Our leaves fall beautiful

Into piles of decay

How to continue

Why go on

When it hurts

Grief overtaking

And spring is so far away

Don’t stay there in the heart of winter

Rest and repair and rise again

Capture each ray of sunshine

Be soothed by the songs of the birds

Revel in the blue, blue sky

Wrap the grey clouds around you




The heart of summer is always within you

A blooming meadow

Paradise of butterflies and bumblebees

Keep warm

With the kind word of a friend


A good book

Keep warm deep into the restless night

Keep warm kindled sparks in reserve

Until you become the star

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A Certain Uncertainty

“I am composed,” I thought, but didn’t feel

“Of music and light”

I packed away old treasures

Dusted trust until it gleamed

Rearranged a way of living

An internal exterior sheen

An external interior reflection

Moved further away from isolation

Connected deeper to this intention

What trail to walk to reach my dreams

There’s room to grow

There’s space, here now, to know

The essentially essential still lies within my reach

I can let the deepest, brightest rise

Into the world will breach

Cold new winter snow has fallen

Icing on the cake

The trees stick up like candles

For the birth of a new year

Winter wind will blow and make a wish

Listen to the hope that lifts

Can you hear

Can you hear

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Winter Love Song 12/16/2020

I wanted to write you a love song

I wanted to tell you everything in my heart

I wanted to write you a love song

To sing sweetly of the feelings I feel

I wanted to pull down the stars from the sky

String them around evergreens

I wanted to place the moon there on top

In the twinkling lights I would tell you

In the sparkle of night I would say

How the thought of you brightens my spirits

How my heart beats in time to your own

How the thought of you leaves me breathless

My spirit is never alone

I wanted to write you a love song

To tell you all that I feel

That the world is more tender

More beautifully rendered

The colors more vivid

Everything sweeter, my darling

The world is a more wonderful place to be

Because you are here

Because you are here

I wanted to write you a love song

A gift to put under the tree

Unwrapped with the sound

Of the drums and the bells

Unlocked with the keys

Of minor harmonies

And a melody carefully fretted

I wanted to write you a love song

To tell you all that I feel

A gift that I give with my heart and my mind

A gift that I sing with my soul

These are the words that will cover

The thoughts and heart that are lying beneath

Like the snow covers over the grass and the clover

Until spring comes along to release

So I write you a love song in winter

I write you a love song under the tree

My heart hums a love song in the twinkling lights

My soul is a love song to you

My soul is a love song crafted for you

Wrapped and waiting under the tree

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Coffee Shop Christmas

The night before Christmas

We were walking

The night before Christmas

We were talking

We were falling in love

Christmas Eve

The lights hung from eaves

In the crisp winter night

Balloon Santa played in the yards

The deer were all right with their

Noses alight

We held hands as we walked

Down the street

We stopped for a drink at the

Local café

Sometimes it still feels like a dream

We sat in a café

We talked in that café

We fell in love over coffee that night

Now when winter begins

And the snow starts to fall

And the neighborhood lights are displayed

We walk down the street

Recall the present we found in each other

That Christmas Eve

On that Christmas Eve

Having known one another for years

That magical night everything shifted

Our eyes met in a way unexpected

Essentially seeing a future together

Our hearts to each other we gifted

Our hearts from each other accepted

On a cold winter

Bright winter

Night Christmas Eve