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I’m lost in the midst

of what had been

and what could be

The only map

Is the hope of something


or something

like love

I want to be closer

to perfect

and further away

from good

Apathy just doesn’t

hit like it used


So I care and care and care

Do you cry like I do

When someone is nice to you

A touch of warmth

on a brisk day

The cool breeze in the heat



I’m lost in the midst

Of what was lost

And what is yet to be gained

I can’t find my way home


Searching for your heart

in the sea

Salt water rains

And waves toppling

that construct

I will see you clearly


if you take my hand


here in the midst

of imperfect

and almost good enough

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Fragile (with audio)

Sandcastles and porcelain

The ice layer formed just above flowing water

A second day bruise

We build and build




Longing for longlasting

Pieced together like paper thin ice

Over an air pocket above flowing water

Drop the porcelain

See it shatter into sharp shards

Watch the waves of time wash away the work

Of a lifetime

And we build and build

Ants pouring out of a nest to remove and replace

Each misplaced grain of sand disturbed by the giant feet of fate

And one day we breathe

A pause in the scurry-hurry tedium

And listen to who we are

Who we are

Who are we

What are we

A small flame in the dark night

The rise of the sun glowing on the horizon

The waves reaching for the shore

Coming close then retreating

The sprout of a seed in a slow rise to heaven

Breathing life into every action

Breathing love into every thought

We leave building behind us

And reveal ourselves

The revelation arrived on the breath

The flow unstoppered flows from the vessel

Nothing has changed

Everything is different

The outer is still fragile


Inside is strength eternal


We dare to love

We dare to dream

Building once again with reverence

Building once more with intention

Understanding that it will

Of course

All wash away

It will shatter

And it is worth it


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