Merry Christmas Summer Heart

Thank you for all of your comments, shares, follows, likes, and most of all for sharing your words, photos, stories, poems, songs, music with me and the world.

May your days be merry and bright!

Cheers to another year of finding peace in the chaos, joy even in the midst of sorrow, and true connection in this world.


Nature’s fortress formed by stone

Deep in the forest flora

The sentinels are growing there

Straight and tall

Straight and true

Shelter for the birds and creatures

Crawling through the day and night

Grazing, hunting, singing bright

Beneath the silent watch of wood

Guardians of all that strive

Protectors of the wilderness

We walk humble through the towering trees

Underneath the canopy of leaves

What will we find

On the other side of the rocks

We climb in reverence

We climb again

Always reaching beyond

The known

To discover another wonder

Mysteries unveiled

Another marker on the trail

In A Row

My mind is arguing



Tossing and turning

Trying to plant thoughts

Evenly spaced

In a logical progression

All in chaos

Some escape

Like artists

Deep into the woods

With an easel

To paint wild creatures

And draw imagination

Out from under the canopy

Some take to wing

Like angels soaring

Clouds and Heaven and hymns

Only touching the solid earth for a moment

To Bless and disappear

Some creep in like nightmares

Sinewy tendrils of darkness choking

Winding and climbing

Cut them quickly before they bloom

Before they




But I glow brighter

They shrink back

Slithering away


I am dancing in the storm of thought

In rain without the acidic touch

I am light

Lighter still

Still lighting the flow

Still flowing the light

Feral Heart (with Audio)

No longer civilized running barefoot

Wildly dancing frenzy beating faster

Untamed uncaught unremarkable under a June sky

Clouds lowered over canopied lawns

The trees chanting with gesticulated limbs

And the wind howling howling howling

My heart is wild

My heart is gone

Racing racing racing

Water falls in fat drops slowly

Lazy rain

All the time in the world to fall


Gravity is not pulling them down

Each drop chooses its target and descends

Hit or missing languidly

On the hill with crumbled stones

Paved into shape

Nature called to them

The stones broke free

Water and wind handed them the tools of escape

Love is waiting

Love is calling

Love is the howling wind and lazy rain

Love is the waving arboreal arms

I hear you

My heart

I am running up over the twilight

Jumping into a pool of stars

Into the deep expanse of space

Expanding until I find the trail

Leading me home to you

And your wilderness


The great winnowing of possessions

Releasing the unnecessary

Shredding the past

Carefully boxing up the essential

Giving, giving, giving

Each load that goes

A bit more freedom gained

The road calls strongly

“Are you coming?

Are you on the way?”

Well, I’m going somewhere

Similar to a place I’ve been

Time adjacent

The stream has run the long course

The years have changed me

I will step into the water

Remembering the stream that was

And the young woman who grew there

I bring the world with me

All that I’ve seen since then

Molded by travel and children and joy

Reduced by loss and loneliness and pain

A life changing movement

A life changing moment

A new start

A fresh beginning

“I can be flexible”

I said

And made it so

“I don’t have the confidence for this”

I confided

And yet it arrived with that acknowledgement

Not the brash bravado I used to wear

A committed determination

All I can ask of myself today

Is to show up for this life

To risk, and to try

I am not alone in this

I am loved

I am loved truly and fiercely

“Let me know if there’s anything I can do”

There is room for me

In this world

That for so long I felt

Held no space for me

I will step into the water

And let it cool my feet

From the heat of travel

And rest a moment

As the sun filters down through the trees


There’s a story in the rings

Of lean years

And times of plenty

Some years you get

And some years you give

You lose all your leaves In the winter of life

And struggle against the cold

Lonely dormancy

Small comfort

That blanket of snow

Then the days lengthen

The air fills with bird song

A rising raising warmth

Swelling buds

Sunshine intermixed with rain

Here comes the green of a full life

Here comes the flowers in their

Glorious colors

Flamboyant or shy

They decorate the earth

With hope

Daily Poem 11/27/2020

Don’t tell me to

Be grateful for hardship

I never wanted such strength

Lifting the weight of seven generations

Silencing the groans of ancestors reverberating

In my bones, my tendons, my blood

Let me be thankful for the quick footed antics

Of chipmunks and squirrels

For flocks of birds, and the lone hawk

I will raise my voice in praise to the moon, and the sun, and the stars

And gently touch the rose with my finger in blessings

I will honor my family and friends

Offering love, and peace, and compassion to strangers and

Those I consider kin

To hardship, I grit my teeth

Clenched jaws, and shoulder into the hard work

Fortitude and patience

Tenaciously digging out from under the rubble

Heaped on innocence

I am not grateful for it

You do not thank for this

It is to be endured, survived

Then risen above and left like the waste that it is

Let it decay

When it is fertile loam, plant trees

One can be grateful for trees

Growing strong through decades

Forgiving the once barren land with life itself

Daily Poem 11/3/2020

The wind whispers and the

Trees let loose their


Dancing naked in the chill

Waiting for their cloaks of snow

Their bark is bold and firm

Roughly hewn in texture

Tattooed patterns of the past

Etched into superficial

Markings of their growth

At their feet in golds and reds and orange

Spill the fabrics of the summer

With branches ready


They will move to winter’s tempo

Be it soft, and slow, and snowy

Or in waves, and sheets of sleet

In the deepest cold and rain

Incased in icy sheaths

The trees will dream of spring

Dream of spring

Of rising greens and budding leaves

Of dresses full and twirling

In the warm winds of the hopeful

Buoyancy of summer