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I crawl deep into the earth

Through the cracks and following the stone

The rock

The immensity of solid

Down and deeper

Until the chill eases and the warmth rises

In darkness disoriented

The only sound is the echo of myself




Who are you

What are you

Where are you going

What will you do



I am a star shining in the void

Within me I am within the world

Isolated I connect with the all-that-is

Even you there

Drifting across the stone

The cathedral ceiling

You are a meteor passing through the cave

A flash of brilliance here and gone again

You were always there

You were never there

Time ceases infinite

The light will grow and I will make my way back

From the revelations of this sleep

The long lingering nap of devotion

I am a tree

I am a bear

I am the snow laying bleak across the landscape

Tossed by the winds

Blown by fate

I take up my place in the void

Singing the hymns of creation

Singing the plants back to life

Singing the trees to unfold

Spring wells from within the cavern of my heart

Radiating with the warmth of the earth

Near the center of life

Take up the drum

Take up the bow

There are battles and prey

We are hungry for new life

Better ways



The dawn will light the horizon

And we will sleep no more

a kermode bear resting on grass
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Woodland Promise

What mysteries may be found within

The forest secrets kept

When in the misty morning light

We chance upon a tree which slept

With our shuffling feet we walk

Down paths ever intertwining

We wake the giants from their slumber

The earth shifts, and the moss groans

Each tree lifts from its loamy bed

And after us begins to lumber

With spindly branches catches us upon

The collars of our coats

And lifts us to their barking faces

Inspecting us with wonder

In fear we shiver and we quake

What do these sylvan beings want

Into our ears their ethereal voices

Ask for us to make things right

To restore some balance to the world

Before it is too late

They set us back upon the path

Settle back into their mossy places

We exit from the forest deep

Saying farewell in great relief

Their bark worse than their bite

For now, but we have promises to keep

nature forest trees park
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Christmas Gift 12/18/2020

Some folks get comfort from tradition

Others thrive on bold sedition

I have a more unique condition

Finding comfort in this premonition

A starry night both crisp and clear

Under the shining moon above

After a day of sun filled skies

Hand in hand with you my love

Your heart is a gift to the world

You wrapped it in ribbons of curlicue rhthyms

Placed the whole package under my tree

On a sticker so small that it might have been missed

Written “I love you” in a minor blues riff

Some celebrate wildly with food and with drinks

Some people read quietly, and in solitude think

There are those who watch movies right on the brink

For me the best part of the season are links

To the heart of my world

To the song in my soul

To the one who lights up the darkening swirl

Of shadows which never quite leave

The losses of all I have grieved

As Christmas approaches with a potential for gifts

I look in the presence for the spirit which lifts

My eyes from the troubles I’m leaving behind

To a future of hope in my heart

And a joy in my mind

If ever there were a love such as this

I would step forward with courage to claim that first kiss

Some people look to tradition

Some people are strong on sedition

I have this unique condition

Taking comfort in this Holiday premonition

It may be next week, or it may be next year

We’ll be together at Christmas sharing good cheer

We’ll be together at Christmas sharing good cheer

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Winter Love Song 12/16/2020

I wanted to write you a love song

I wanted to tell you everything in my heart

I wanted to write you a love song

To sing sweetly of the feelings I feel

I wanted to pull down the stars from the sky

String them around evergreens

I wanted to place the moon there on top

In the twinkling lights I would tell you

In the sparkle of night I would say

How the thought of you brightens my spirits

How my heart beats in time to your own

How the thought of you leaves me breathless

My spirit is never alone

I wanted to write you a love song

To tell you all that I feel

That the world is more tender

More beautifully rendered

The colors more vivid

Everything sweeter, my darling

The world is a more wonderful place to be

Because you are here

Because you are here

I wanted to write you a love song

A gift to put under the tree

Unwrapped with the sound

Of the drums and the bells

Unlocked with the keys

Of minor harmonies

And a melody carefully fretted

I wanted to write you a love song

To tell you all that I feel

A gift that I give with my heart and my mind

A gift that I sing with my soul

These are the words that will cover

The thoughts and heart that are lying beneath

Like the snow covers over the grass and the clover

Until spring comes along to release

So I write you a love song in winter

I write you a love song under the tree

My heart hums a love song in the twinkling lights

My soul is a love song to you

My soul is a love song crafted for you

Wrapped and waiting under the tree

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Reflection 12/20/2020

I saw the sky in a reflection on the water

A patch of blue floating down the creek

The autumn leaves were sunken

Underneath the sheerest glaze

Tree trunk frequencies distorted

By the movement of the water

I was not seeing clearly then

The reflection was untrue

I lifted eyes to sky then

To see the deeply blue expanse

I wandered in the grassy fields

Saw a tree that reminded me of you

Standing a distance from the others

Standing a bit apart

Standing lonely in the sea of grass

Against the ocean sky

I longed to hug the tree there

And murmur words of comfort

I pressed my hand upon the bark

As I passed by

I said, “It will be all right.”

As I passed by