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I knew for a moment

The freedom of flight

Taking wing and soaring

Against the auburn sky

I knew for a moment

The safety of a place

Nestled in and comforting

Wrapped in quiet den

I knew for a moment

Where I belonged

Walking wooded trails

Loathe for the path to end

Autumn arrived and with the leaves

I drifted down from branches

To lie here on the damp November ground

Staring lonely at the sky now

Dreaming once again

Of flight

Sinking slowly into cold earth

Sinking coldly into dirt

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Saturday Evening Look Up

I searched heaven and hell

For your heart

Stepped along sandy beaches

Peered into the waves and foam

Gazed into fading sun and firelight

Listened for the beat of you

When tides came in

Heard your song upon the gentle breeze

Maybe I am flying now

Following this trail

Of clouds

Maybe I am standing still

Losing all my petals

About to go to seed

While the world turns carelessly

The rain pours down senselessly

While your song wavers among stars and dirt

Unable or unwilling

To come home

I am unable or unwilling

To come home

All that remains is the search

For heart and home

And a song that changes

But never ends

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Feral Heart (with Audio)

No longer civilized running barefoot

Wildly dancing frenzy beating faster

Untamed uncaught unremarkable under a June sky

Clouds lowered over canopied lawns

The trees chanting with gesticulated limbs

And the wind howling howling howling

My heart is wild

My heart is gone

Racing racing racing

Water falls in fat drops slowly

Lazy rain

All the time in the world to fall


Gravity is not pulling them down

Each drop chooses its target and descends

Hit or missing languidly

On the hill with crumbled stones

Paved into shape

Nature called to them

The stones broke free

Water and wind handed them the tools of escape

Love is waiting

Love is calling

Love is the howling wind and lazy rain

Love is the waving arboreal arms

I hear you

My heart

I am running up over the twilight

Jumping into a pool of stars

Into the deep expanse of space

Expanding until I find the trail

Leading me home to you

And your wilderness

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Explorers know

Are well acquainted with the dead ends

The sudden drop of vertical stone

The thorn riddled thicket

The rushing river

No bridge

The lovers know

Are well acquainted with the dread ends

The sudden drop of perpetual phone

The scorn riddled tempest

The shushing shiver

No bridge

Explorers and lovers know

Are well acquainted with endings

Learning and letting go

I can tell by your shoes and your eyes

You’ve been down a few paths

Where the way slipped away

And you’ve had to backtrack

And find a new trail

I’ve stood on a ledge once or twice

Beautiful views which led nowhere nice

I’ve been caught in the brambles

Left there in a shambles

Watched the love flow out of my life

Explorers and Lovers


It’s true

Resupply and prepare

For adventures anew

If you’ll take my hand now

There’s a trail that I’ve found

And I’d like to share it with you