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Wild Roses

Along the path I wandered

Into the forest deep

Wild roses in the summer light

Bright pink and fragrant petals

Tucked away along the woodside

Off the beaten path

Not on display in cultivated gardens

Hidden here where birds do play

Wild roses and their beauty

Their wealth is come-what-may

Unpolished, unforgotten

For their cheery grace

Wild roses of the wild woods

Summer’s on the way

My heart walks wooded paths

Wild roses all around

When I close my eyes to watch them

The forest birds are calling

I will join them if I may

Whenever I’m no longer

Found among the living

Look for me at the edges

Of the forest true

Waving in the sunshine

Against the clear blue sky

A wild rose just for you

close up shot of a red dog rose flower
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Raining Hearts

Shadows overcasting

The sun cannot be seen

My heart is bright and singing

Watching the rain that’s falling

Music to my ears

Music in my veins

The rhythm sets my toes to tapping

There’s sparkles in my eyes

It’s raining hearts today

Smiles are all I see

Reflected in the faces that I meet

Reflected in the passing glance

Of my reflection

Dawn arrived with sunshine

I can feel behind the clouds

The rain will move along in time

The sky will be revealed

With upturned faces we can

Stand upon the earth

With sunlight we’ll be dreaming

Of some better days to come

women s gray dress
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Keep Warm

There is the cold void of space

Expanding through your heart

Temperatures dropping


Every slight, every ding, every pain

We numb and withdraw

Our sap dropping from limbs to root

Our leaves fall beautiful

Into piles of decay

How to continue

Why go on

When it hurts

Grief overtaking

And spring is so far away

Don’t stay there in the heart of winter

Rest and repair and rise again

Capture each ray of sunshine

Be soothed by the songs of the birds

Revel in the blue, blue sky

Wrap the grey clouds around you




The heart of summer is always within you

A blooming meadow

Paradise of butterflies and bumblebees

Keep warm

With the kind word of a friend


A good book

Keep warm deep into the restless night

Keep warm kindled sparks in reserve

Until you become the star