Maybes 12/19/2020

Do the trees miss me

When I am long gone from the forest

Do the birds remark my absence

When I am shut away from earth and sky

Would the cardinal and raven and the hawk

Remark they have not seen me of late out upon my midday walk

Maybe not

Maybe not

Still it’s not a reason to stay inside

That’s no reason not to don my shoes and coat and go

Walking though the cold is welcome not

The day is short and time is weary of my demands for it to slow

We’ve got the cold, but haven’t got the snow

To coat the world in magic for a while

I’d rather there be warmth, and be there warm

Maybe so

Maybe so

Whatever comes, however shapes the day

The day does try to shape it back, to shout and have a say

Plans are planned to have something there to fall away

Nothing stops the day when it demands

So, I won’t plan a walk to walk today

Should the opportunity arise, I will away

Maybe yes

Maybe yes

I’ll walk, and maybe there will be snow

I’ll walk, and maybe there will come the snow

Leaves on Fire 12/17/2020

How the sun strikes

Fire into the heart of everything

All the world aglow

There is music in the light

A leaf in flames

Tucked in the snow

Rays of chorus

In concert come to life

Bright choir sparking truth

On this chilly winter afternoon

Christmas Dreams 12/14/2020

Pour the coffee, darling

The sun rises over fields of snow

Dressed in white the trees are reaching

For a golden glowing cloudless sky

Stoke the fires against the chill

Our day begins in cozy cabin warmth

Almost Christmas morning

Our gifts are packaged neatly

There’s pie and cookies on the counter

The children are behaving sweetly beneath

Twinkle lights and evergreens

We walk sugar coated hills in cold flare sun

Sparkling snow beneath our feet is crunching fun

In the shadow of the trees we’ll take the path

Into the mystic winter trails of Christmas past

When we skated without fear on frozen lakes

Constructed forts of icy blocks for snowball fights

Christmas afternoon is almost here

Mugs are filled with bright hot chocolate cheer

We’re snuggled up in blankets next to

Ornaments and bows

As the sun begins to paint the sky in brilliant orange

The temperature is falling like the night

Darling, meet me by the mistletoe discreetly

For a gentle Christmas kiss under the arch

We’ll fill plates for a simple savory supper

Light some candles for a soft effusive light

Christmas night is almost here

Against the dark sky stars are dancing

The winter wind begins to blow

We’re tucked in under auntie’s quilt against

The cold and snow

Dreaming Christmas dreams until next year

We’ll be dreaming Christmas dreams until next year

Vermont Winter – Daily Poem 10/22/2020

Throw the wood quickly
Into the stack
Winter sent the hounds
To chill the air
A nip, a warning
Prepare the kindling
Splinters like daggers
Splinters like knives
Shavings nested between blades
The black stove bones leave
Soot marks across your face
Gaskets and glue
The doors will not go back
Into place for hours
And then only by an
Unrepeatable act of magic
Replace the honeycomb
For a clean burn
Home will be warm this year
Outside the wolves howl
The owl flies silent
There is no fire great enough
To beat back the frosted hand of time