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Unique and distinguished

We yet share

Woe and distress

Common shame and suffering

That in shadows full of dread

We feel them larger and unweildy

Stronger and unyielding

Then they appear once in the light

There are some, it’s true

Who feel not life’s great and awful sadness

Inexplicable angst

Isolated troubles

Suffering of spirit

When life’s gone all awry

Every step is wrong

Rolling on the floor in writhing agony

Alone and yet together

All this pain of life we weather

Hoping for an end

For some peace

For something better

For anything at all to lift us out of sorrow

From the sages to the pages

Sayings written once or twice

Hang on to love

Be open hearted

One more minute

One more hour

When subjected to the fires

Flames upon each wound

A subtle transformation

A phoenix rising plumed

Hold on to love

Keep going

Take your rest along the way

Remember this is common

Part of life to grieve this day

As the tide returns to shore

One wave after another

Joy will find you in the moonlight

Joy will find you in the dusk

Joy will wake you in the morning

Joy returns little by little

In that flower startled beauty

In the clouds suspended there

In the laughter of your loved ones

In the twilight somber falling

Common sorrow

Common beauty

Will find you there upon the sand

Unique and still distinguished

Healing slowly everywhere

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Mountain Song

The hike looked so much different

On the map

We climbed the husband

Left the sisters alone

There were spots for fishing

Near the wildfire zone

Black towering creaking trees

The lakes were dry

The ponds were dust

We set off seeking water

Headed to a giant lake near cliffs

And shadows

Came to a sea of grass

We searched for water

In a sea of grass

Buck meadows and honey lakes

The reflected water turned out to be

Just shadows

Just shadows in a sea of grass

He lost his companions near the driest ocean

He called for his friends searching

They were all searching for water

In the shadows

Near a dried up creek bed

They finally found relief

A small pool of water for filtering

Reunited they filled their bottles

They shared a bounty

From the sea of grass

We are all shadows in a sea of grass

Mirages tricking sight and mind

Keep going then

Until you find

A pool of water or a

Mountain lake

Set up camp near the cool clear water

In the presence of ghostly remains

Of tree stumps blackened from the fires

Under the stars

The bats and owls

Under the stars the owls

Chase bats

Reflect on your reflection

Are you water

Or a sea of grass

Are you water

Or a sea of grass

person on a bridge near a lake
Photo by Simon Migaj on

This song was based on a story my son, Alex, told of one of his more recent hikes with his friends. If you follow the link to his twitter feed, the most of the posts are from a trip he took to Europe some years ago.

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Christmas Gift 12/18/2020

Some folks get comfort from tradition

Others thrive on bold sedition

I have a more unique condition

Finding comfort in this premonition

A starry night both crisp and clear

Under the shining moon above

After a day of sun filled skies

Hand in hand with you my love

Your heart is a gift to the world

You wrapped it in ribbons of curlicue rhthyms

Placed the whole package under my tree

On a sticker so small that it might have been missed

Written “I love you” in a minor blues riff

Some celebrate wildly with food and with drinks

Some people read quietly, and in solitude think

There are those who watch movies right on the brink

For me the best part of the season are links

To the heart of my world

To the song in my soul

To the one who lights up the darkening swirl

Of shadows which never quite leave

The losses of all I have grieved

As Christmas approaches with a potential for gifts

I look in the presence for the spirit which lifts

My eyes from the troubles I’m leaving behind

To a future of hope in my heart

And a joy in my mind

If ever there were a love such as this

I would step forward with courage to claim that first kiss

Some people look to tradition

Some people are strong on sedition

I have this unique condition

Taking comfort in this Holiday premonition

It may be next week, or it may be next year

We’ll be together at Christmas sharing good cheer

We’ll be together at Christmas sharing good cheer