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One Day, I Wandered Away

I drifted off on a warm summer breeze

There were no good-byes or tears to cry

Like the turning of a page to a new chapter

A different place, a new life, a strange way of being

Above the roads and trees and lakes

Floating higher than the birds and planes

Gravity holds me down no longer

Pure spirit in the world beyond

Am I alive or light or energy

Am I you and me and all that is

All that could be

Every potential disaster

Every possibility of joy

I hear you speaking to my home

But I have gone away

I’ve grown

I’m the tree standing in the forest

I’m the placid calming lake

I am the tallest mountain

The fastest winding snake

You ask me if I heard you

That and one million sounds as well

The scraping of the seam against my shoulder

The sock against my ankle shouting

That fly around the ceiling light is buzzing

Light hits a dust mote like a drummer drumming

I know you

And your violent ways

I’ll come back when you are finished

And speak gently to each bruise

One day I’ll take my body with me

One day I wandered well away

One day I was through with you

You melted in the river

Dissolved into the sea

You’ll never cross my path again

On that day, I will be free

So long now, I’ve been free

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I’m lost in the midst

of what had been

and what could be

The only map

Is the hope of something


or something

like love

I want to be closer

to perfect

and further away

from good

Apathy just doesn’t

hit like it used


So I care and care and care

Do you cry like I do

When someone is nice to you

A touch of warmth

on a brisk day

The cool breeze in the heat



I’m lost in the midst

Of what was lost

And what is yet to be gained

I can’t find my way home


Searching for your heart

in the sea

Salt water rains

And waves toppling

that construct

I will see you clearly


if you take my hand


here in the midst

of imperfect

and almost good enough

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My life burned to the ground again

What could I take

Some memories and gifted things

What could I leave

Some memories and gifted things

What remained in the ashes

What fleeing hands could grasp

As the charred timbers fell

And the sparks flew

There’s no

There’s not

There’s nothing

What am I draped in lack

Who am I silhouette in black

Wealth is rippling out and in again

With tides of change and fortune

Pulled and pushed by mysterious lunar forces

Rich in spirit

Walking through the rubble

No regrets

Not regrets

Nothing but regrets

I learned long ago that what I viewed

As nothing

Was wealth to someone else

And here I sit in comfort

With the salvage of this blazing storm

More than enough it’s true

What am I dressed in sunlight

Who am I glowing from within

Combing this reckless shoreline now

For treasures gifted from the sea

I have two teapots

And that’s a lot

For me

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Reflection 12/20/2020

I saw the sky in a reflection on the water

A patch of blue floating down the creek

The autumn leaves were sunken

Underneath the sheerest glaze

Tree trunk frequencies distorted

By the movement of the water

I was not seeing clearly then

The reflection was untrue

I lifted eyes to sky then

To see the deeply blue expanse

I wandered in the grassy fields

Saw a tree that reminded me of you

Standing a distance from the others

Standing a bit apart

Standing lonely in the sea of grass

Against the ocean sky

I longed to hug the tree there

And murmur words of comfort

I pressed my hand upon the bark

As I passed by

I said, “It will be all right.”

As I passed by

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Ocean Bound 12/6/2020

I’ll be on my way there soon

To walk the pure white sands

To tumble in the waves a’rolling in the sound

Under a periwinkle sky

Sitting on the beach and singing

As the sun kisses the sea

I’ll sing of lonely days before

There was you and me

And thank the stars above us that those

Days are far behind

And I’ll thank the moon a’rising for an

Ending to the sighing whispers

Which in the forest found

I left them there

Alone there

In the past where they belong

I’ll make my way then to the ocean

For I am ocean tied

The salt water inside me

Pulling me home

Pulling me home beside the sea

Oh, I’m ocean bound and tied

The shore is where I’ll be

My heart is always washing up

Washing up out of the sea

If you’re walking down the shoreline

Keep your eyes upon the beach

If you find my heart there

If you see it on the way

Return it swiftly with your blessing or

Else I’ll have to stay

Beside you along the reach

As the sun kisses the sea

In this time of you and me

As the sun kisses the sea

As the sun kisses the sea