Calling back that vital force

(it’s life)

Snugged into self soft and tight

(it’s life)

Condensed and quiet beating heart

(it’s life)

Withdrawn in song and strife

(it’s life)

Steady centered solo sleep

(it’s life)

To lick the wounds and rest

(it’s life)

Await for spring’s warm breath

(it’s life)

Ghostly shading forest paths

(it’s life)

Silent midnight flying owl

(it’s life)

Bring wisdom to my dreams

(it’s life

From rain to creek to river stream

(it’s life

Torrents of cleansing water sheen

(it’s life

New sprouts to burst again

it’s life

While winter freezes over

This heart a little worn

Will rise slowly in the rising sun

Will increase pace and run

I touched the sun

How dangerous

I touched the sun

How droll

I sleep through winter cold

And in the spring unfold

I live in my imagination

For this season, hibernation

For this reason, incantations

Chanting gently through the night

It’s life with suffering and pain

It’s life with joy and happiness

Cycling through the ever changing

Landscapes of this life

Rest My Heart

Tuck in under a blanket, love

Lay your heart to rest

Let go of any worries, love

Release each thought and bless

The journey that has brought you here

The trail wound far too long

Were you battered by the weather

Blowing hot then cold

Did the storms sweep you off your feet

Has exhaustion sapped your spirit

Were you tempted to give up

Give in

To doubt and fear and hopelessness

Have you had enough, love

Do you need some time to heal

Take a moment

Take your rest

Take your weariness and wariness

Set them to the side

For everything and everyone

Who loves you will still be there

If you rest your heart

The path will still be winding

And the road will still be long

The challenges are waiting still

For your strength and for your song

Bring your heart, love

To the altar of the peace

Light the candle

Say a prayer, love

Rest, my heart, in me

Rest my heart in thee

This steeple of our fingertips

Our hands were meant to be

Holding onto one another

In hushed serenity

We come home to one another

Every time we close our eyes

Breathing in each other

Banked embers

For tonight

The interest growing




Through morning light


My heart

The dawn will break us

Soon enough

Photo by Anand Dandekar on Pexels.com

Daily Poem 11/1/2020

The train gathers


did we pull

ourselves into


car in time

are we on our way

on a predetermined


will we roll softly

when we jump


can we sit here

quietly for a moment

and watch

the world

slide by

a pause

a rest

trees flash

a ruined barn

a bird in flight