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Tail Ends

There were stories told about her hair

How dangling out the window curved

A brave lover dared to climb

Who woo’d her time and time again

Until she fled captivity

Did she bundle up her locks to flee

Did she sheer them off and hide the key

Did she stay the course with lover dear

Or did she veer away when the path was clear

Around the campfires late at night

They sing the tale of tail’s poor plight

How clumps and strands of golden locks

Were found within the Bear’s porridge

Wrapped around the table and every chair

Mounded on each size of cot

No footprints leaving through the mud

The theory is she’d had enough

Grew wings and to the skies she took

This is how the golden eagle came to be

When we reach the end of gilded tails

Look up and tell me what you see

golden eagle
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Two Month Recap

I am really grateful for everyone who has stopped by and read my poems, and liked my posts, and dropped comments! Thank you so much for your support and feedback!

I started just writing daily poems, and the focus has shifted slightly with an emphasis on more lyrical wordplay, often in response to the beauty I have come across, or a memory, or a moment.

Here are some of the top posts by month from the passed two month:


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Dancing Trees

Autumn Rebels

Falling Light

Some of these posts are slated for further development into songs.

Let me know if you are interested in hearing previews, or if you have a favorite you would like to see/hear set to music.

Again, thank you for your support!