Negotiating more space

Withdrawal in the best senses

Soft sounds

Low light

In silence

I show up for myself

Cocooned from without

No longer missing the sound of my heart

Plenty of room to sort through

Fluctuating feelings

To let them

Swirl and


To open again

To the soft rise of hope

To the glow of dawn

To the moon and owl

To the great mysteries of life

Embracing the lack of answer to the question


Daily Poem 10/31/220

From the earth we crawled

To the earth we shall return

Spirits in the flesh

Flesh imbued with spirit

Listen to the wind

Hear the night

When the moon is full

And the stars are bright

The owl will sing

The wolves will howl

Through the veil

The rest will call

What story will they give you

What tale will heal your heart

Blow the candle out and listen

To the words out of the dark

Vermont Winter – Daily Poem 10/22/2020

Throw the wood quickly
Into the stack
Winter sent the hounds
To chill the air
A nip, a warning
Prepare the kindling
Splinters like daggers
Splinters like knives
Shavings nested between blades
The black stove bones leave
Soot marks across your face
Gaskets and glue
The doors will not go back
Into place for hours
And then only by an
Unrepeatable act of magic
Replace the honeycomb
For a clean burn
Home will be warm this year
Outside the wolves howl
The owl flies silent
There is no fire great enough
To beat back the frosted hand of time