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Technical Difficulties

Software coded

Flatlined firmware

Hardened hardware

A short in the wires

Back and forth with the I-team

Click this option

They say

But the option is not there

I snap the screen and send

Here are my actual choices

And off I walk to move the earth

Honest shoveling dirt

Tamp it down

Stomping on it

Cannot lie

Back and forth and back again

The I-team working hard

And still the answer will elude

The prey dodging through the trees

I slept and woke and coffee drank

More messages have flown

Hoping that this issue

Will be resolved soon

The scope is set

The crosshairs fixed

One clear shot is to

Bring this coded software

Back to life

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Bleak grey sky and a pocketful of adventure

The stinging cold tempered by a little hope

In disbelief, I sat trying to turnover an engine of dreams

That would not start

Just an endless clicking

No purring come-to-life signifyer

My engine guy’s name is Joe (of course it is –

All the best mechanics are so named)

It’s probably a dead battery, Joe said

Dead in the frozen ocean of snow

The biting wind nipped at my hands

While I looked within

At a terminal problem

One can labor under the weight of options

For hours or days

Choices and consequences and possible futures

Strung out in an infinite array

A pressure to decide just to have made a decision

Tempered by an internal patience

More information

Sit with the complications

Until reduced to a precise simplicity

Better connections

Cleaned and cleared of the past

Replace the core

Take the time it takes, but make it quick

Stick with it until the solution arrives

Until the word is go


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