Need (with audio)

Washed out colors

Washed out road

Washed out goals

A bleak trudge through these twilight years

I settled into the greys

The hueless landscape without danger

A bland chowder lacking salt

Devoid of spices


With water colors

I painted my environment

Undersaturated in pastel tints

Life came calling, then, at my closed door

Bringing flowers, and salt water, and glorious sunsets

I smiled politely, found a vase, took a swim, snapped a photo

Life courted me relentlessly, heedless of my discontent

A musical renaissance, an auditory serenade

My indifferent diffidence began to differentiate

A technicolor palette overcame the the somber tones

I danced to swaying tree limbs in a solitary sequence

Let me stay asleep, it’s warm here

Who needs hot and cold, and spices and troubles?

I will gamely march unremarked to the end, I thought

It’s what I wanted, but I did not account for need

Life brought me chocolates, sent me on adventurous trips

Bought me tickets to the theater, invited friends and family to my door

Need showed up silently creeping

Need slipped in under the door

Need required, demanded a brand new accounting

It’s all beyond my control now

The riotous colors, and blossoming flora

The music’s too loud, and I’m dancing too fast

The lights are all flashing, the rhythm is thumping

And there in the center of vibrant toned life

The ocean waves ceasing after the storm

In the soft glow of sunrise when life called to me

I answered the door with a welcoming air

Let the glorious light of the dawn into the room

Spoken Poetry

Windswept Field 12/11/2020

My hair is a windswept field

Your fingers running



My back is the great plains

Your fingers walking


The waves of the ocean

Reach the shore

I am the wind

Caught in the sky

Free to fly

With your fingers

Tangled in my hair

Reflection 12/20/2020

I saw the sky in a reflection on the water

A patch of blue floating down the creek

The autumn leaves were sunken

Underneath the sheerest glaze

Tree trunk frequencies distorted

By the movement of the water

I was not seeing clearly then

The reflection was untrue

I lifted eyes to sky then

To see the deeply blue expanse

I wandered in the grassy fields

Saw a tree that reminded me of you

Standing a distance from the others

Standing a bit apart

Standing lonely in the sea of grass

Against the ocean sky

I longed to hug the tree there

And murmur words of comfort

I pressed my hand upon the bark

As I passed by

I said, “It will be all right.”

As I passed by

Ocean Bound 12/6/2020

I’ll be on my way there soon

To walk the pure white sands

To tumble in the waves a’rolling in the sound

Under a periwinkle sky

Sitting on the beach and singing

As the sun kisses the sea

I’ll sing of lonely days before

There was you and me

And thank the stars above us that those

Days are far behind

And I’ll thank the moon a’rising for an

Ending to the sighing whispers

Which in the forest found

I left them there

Alone there

In the past where they belong

I’ll make my way then to the ocean

For I am ocean tied

The salt water inside me

Pulling me home

Pulling me home beside the sea

Oh, I’m ocean bound and tied

The shore is where I’ll be

My heart is always washing up

Washing up out of the sea

If you’re walking down the shoreline

Keep your eyes upon the beach

If you find my heart there

If you see it on the way

Return it swiftly with your blessing or

Else I’ll have to stay

Beside you along the reach

As the sun kisses the sea

In this time of you and me

As the sun kisses the sea

As the sun kisses the sea