Missing Nothing

I made room


Fit love into sun filled mornings

Woodland walks

Midnight songs

Moonlit rambles

Between times so full

I never stopped

No need to stop

No lack therein

Nothing missing

Like water carving out the rock

Like earthquakes opening the ground

Like giving away things no longer used

I made room

Now I am open and not full

Of the light that used to shine

I turn under the silver moon

Slowly under a slivered shard

Of what had been robust and


To myself I am returned

Missing nothing

But that song

That shimmering glow

Just salty rivers running muddy

From these eyes down to the sea

I walk these sandy shores again

Under the stars

Just me

northern lights over mountain and forest
Photo by Mohan Reddy on Pexels.com


My life burned to the ground again

What could I take

Some memories and gifted things

What could I leave

Some memories and gifted things

What remained in the ashes

What fleeing hands could grasp

As the charred timbers fell

And the sparks flew

There’s no

There’s not

There’s nothing

What am I draped in lack

Who am I silhouette in black

Wealth is rippling out and in again

With tides of change and fortune

Pulled and pushed by mysterious lunar forces

Rich in spirit

Walking through the rubble

No regrets

Not regrets

Nothing but regrets

I learned long ago that what I viewed

As nothing

Was wealth to someone else

And here I sit in comfort

With the salvage of this blazing storm

More than enough it’s true

What am I dressed in sunlight

Who am I glowing from within

Combing this reckless shoreline now

For treasures gifted from the sea

I have two teapots

And that’s a lot

For me

Daily Poem 11/23/2020

Buried dreams in green mountains

Burned the effigy of what I had become

Watched that ash drift away

Blocking the light

Choking the breath

Incubated in open fields and

Small town streets

A cocoon of invisibility

A lost voice

Survivor of the great trampling

By the sharp hooves of fate

Many hands lifted me

Are you all right?

There’s no all right

There’s nothing

So much nothing

That’s the lie despair tells

Eyes opening to see magic in the clouds

Ears listening to the harmony of flowers in the spring

A heart which beats in time to cosmic rhythms

There is music

There is life

There are the voices and the faces of those loved

There is you in fullness

You were not the story you told yourself

You were not the story they told you

You were not the things that were done to you

You were more than that

Roots flowing down through dirt and rock

Limbs rising to touch the flow of air

To feel the summer sun

You are the song of autumn

You are the crisp, winter chill

You are all the potential of spring

Your spirit has broken free of all constraints

The light of you can shine now

With no restraint