Posted an Original Song: Clever Like This

This is part of my systematic effort to reduce performance anxiety, and share original music. I’ve played this song only for a handful of people prior to recording.

There are other new posts up on my YouTube Channel, some of which are mildly amusing, sporadically informative, randomly entertaining, and insightful as to why something that might take 15 minutes will digress into singing, extemporaneous playing, and exploring the nature of sound.

This video stays on track though (miraculously).

The Workout

Am lifting anxious weights

Hoisting the pressure

Lowering the tension

Accomplishing nothing with these

Repetitive motions

Shimmering in a cold sweat

A basket full of nerves

Dangling from both ends

In a deadlift

Lunging forward

Hands clinched around barred bells

Tolling and toiling

I am lifting the weight of years

Yesterdays and tomorrows

Dropping down to give

Myself another 20

Years of existence

Unknotted on the foam roller

Untangling the past from the future from the now

If I can pause this machine

For a moment

Just for a moment

I could eat again

And sleep deeply

The rest fueled by a well executed


barbell on the floor
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