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Untangled heart still beating


Each beat slowed




Not waiting

This day is unfolding in sunshine

This day is happening now

Inhale love

Exhale love

The world awaits me

Time’s grand illusion


When all there has ever been

And ever will be

Is right now

Full of magic and hope



Glowing in the light

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I See You, Magnificent

I would tell you over and again

What I love about you

How the sparkle in your eyes lights up the world

How your big huge heart inspires me

How your dedication to the ones you love earns my respect

I would tell you once again

How your love for nature resonates through the wild woods

How your ability to overcome adversity with patience and hope brightens dark corners

How your insights and devotion to growth blaze trails in the minds around you

I would tell you once more

How your presence in this world is needed

How without you the world would be smaller, darker, colder

How without you the music would never play

The sun itself would dull

The clouds would never lift

And song itself would end

These are some of the ways I love you

How can I thank you for the joy you bring

For the light that shines through you

For the notes that become the melody

The harmony of this dissonant world

How can I thank you for staying

Who will tell you these things when I am gone

Listen to the whisper of the wind at dawn

To the ocean coming to shore

To the birds singing in the trees

Saying, “Thank you. I love you. I see you, magnificent.”

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Falling Light – Daily Poem 11/19/2020

The light waxes

Sharpening every shadow

Bringing resolution without rebuke

To the darkness growing shorter

As the rising brightness

Floods the fields in rays belonging

To every plant and tree which grows

From hallowed soils

Dance we in the meadows

Among the browning grasses gone to seed

In the brief flash of autumn’s day shine

To the tune of West wind’s breeze

Dare we whisper to the branches

Of the bare yet noble trees

That our dreams our calling softly

Through this gentle rosy glow

Shake our hopes out from the pillows

Blankets warm the chill away

Where will we wander watching

Nature’s bold manifestations

Hand in hand within the forest

Side by side along the lake

Will we sit beside the bubbling creek

Stand silently among the ruins

Of summer’s passing

Thief of hearts the sun is climbing

The sky is fair and full of light

There will only be moment

Ere the waxing begins to wane

So short the days of autumn

Leading straight to winter’s door

Let the brightness fall upon us

Dancing with delight

Overflowing hope for evermore

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Daily Poem 11/16/2020

One day I read our story in the stars

How the light within us came to be

Connected from the origin divine

To suffer when we separated

To shine when we combine

All of nature raves in celebration

Blossoming in gardens

Winging up through velvet skies

Branches dancing ecstasy in syncopated breezes

The tides will wax and wane

To the rhythm just the same

As the beating of our hearts in time to

Mitigate the pains

Across the Milky way we’re swimming

Closer together

Faster spinning

Each spark thrown igniting starbirth

We are creating

Our spirits permeating

All of life sublime

This love rolls on eternal

Rocked on cosmic ocean waves

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Daily Poem 11/6/2020

When the deep woods calls me home

The owl in silent flight wings by

Down dark and twisted paths I find

A way to navigate the night

Low moon will rise

The wolves at bay

Howling now to spark this spirit back to life

We are here and here and here

Their haunting cries resound

I am reaching

I am seeking

For the pack I’d lost or haven’t found

The roots rise up to trip my feet

The night descends a growing void

Into the leaves I scrabble

Into the leaves I weep

An innocence has claimed me

Mother of the Wood has stroked my hair

As the sun rays strike the forest floor

I awaken

I dawn bright in the morning glow

A canopy of dreams to shelter

The walk from forest shade to

Life’s garden of subtle budding hope

One step back into myself

Forest, sky, and mountain

Rainbow, cloud, and stream

Remain a part of me