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Uncertain and Unsure

There are flowers out her window

The birds, they come to play

The swingers and the bluejays

Come for a bite, but never stay

There’s something to remember

But the thoughts begin to slip away

There are anchors getting lighter

Which hold the world in place

There’s something to remember

Getting fewer every day

At first she doesn’t know me

Uncertain and confused

Then a spark begins to flicker

In her eyes

“You’re the girl who plays guitar”

We pluck the strings

I try to sing

Her face begins to shine

Stories that she tells

Of a long and busy life

And it’s fitting that there’s people

Who come to care for her

After everything she’s done

For those she loves

Each time I think she’s fallen

Into a deeper sleep

I stop playing for a moment

And she stirs

“More music?”

And she tells me not to sneak away

Play another song for me

My audience of one

She might forget the songs I’ve sung

And that’s all right with me

For just some moments she is shining

Like a flower in the sun

Every song is new

Every song is new

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Daily Poem – 11/25/2020

All that’s left of summer

The memory of vibrant blooms

Glorious colors rising up from the greens

Warm breezes

Cool rains

Those chattering flocks of birds

Curtailed trips and

Cancelled plans

Letting go of aspirations

I had such plans

To travel to forests and explore

The dappled sunlight in shadowed spaces

To stand on the shores of lakes and streams

We fell instead into stasis

Uncomfortable stillness in manmade boxes

Would you meet me there in the woods

To stand within a cathedral of trees

Listening to the hum of creation

A bumble

A birdcall

The music of air through the leaves


Someday when summer arrives