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A Thousand Ways

I am still counting moments

A thousand ways the water sloshed the boat

A thousand ways the stars shone there above

A thousand reflections cast across the surface

A thousand moons shimmering in the night

I am savoring each connection

Every step upon the path

Every leaf upon the trees

Our canopy as we wandered

I am still counting moments

A thousand ways I felt understood

And seen

A thousand times I reached

To find you there

Beside me

Walking in this wildness

A mad world

A wilderness

With each new step I take

I count a thousand ways

The light within you shines

A beacon for my heart

Let my light rise too

Let my shine be bright enough

To help you find your way

If you are lost and hurting

Look for my starry sky

Look for the shining sun

Feel the gentle breeze

Warm and plucky

To tease the sorrows from your soul

Release the worries from your brow

For a moment here and now

Be safe and whole

Peaceful in a thousand ways

Know you are loved

A thousand ways

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This Town is Haunted

Under a hot blue sky

Ruffled by breezes

The past overlaid the present

I could hear the chubby toddler laughter

Of an evening walk gone by

How many times we trod

Down this sidewalk as the sun lowered

But no

He’s grown and left

This echo of his early life

Reverberating in my heart

I drive passed the place of the fender bender

I stand in the parking lot of a previous job

From a previous time

Worked by a previous me

The brick is the same

The sign is unchanged

Am I late? I wonder

Bygones and bygones

I miss the turn to the old house

I wasn’t going there anyway

It’s too familiar and too far away

The dreams of this place span universes

Seven unique interpretations of this single nexus

On the curve of the road which binds them together

I am saturated with awareness


The wave is cresting

A hollow formed under the curve

Chaos is sure to follow

At the moment of submersion

Water will roil and rush the shore

The present rearranged to accommodate

Phantasms and other worlds

Watching where I step

When the boundaries thin

Where magic happens

But the ghosts pass on

Without saying good-bye

Without a wink and a nod

They fade and dissolve

I weave a new adventure

Over faded threads and bare spots

Working in and around the beautiful

Images which have kept their color

Preserved with love

This town is haunted

One more ghost returned now

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My life burned to the ground again

What could I take

Some memories and gifted things

What could I leave

Some memories and gifted things

What remained in the ashes

What fleeing hands could grasp

As the charred timbers fell

And the sparks flew

There’s no

There’s not

There’s nothing

What am I draped in lack

Who am I silhouette in black

Wealth is rippling out and in again

With tides of change and fortune

Pulled and pushed by mysterious lunar forces

Rich in spirit

Walking through the rubble

No regrets

Not regrets

Nothing but regrets

I learned long ago that what I viewed

As nothing

Was wealth to someone else

And here I sit in comfort

With the salvage of this blazing storm

More than enough it’s true

What am I dressed in sunlight

Who am I glowing from within

Combing this reckless shoreline now

For treasures gifted from the sea

I have two teapots

And that’s a lot

For me

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Temporary Temporal Trouble

I couldn’t find the time

He lost it

An hour here

A few minutes there

She wasted some

And they had plenty

But lost track of it

Minutes seem forever

And years fly by too fast

Winging over every major transitory


It’s been forever

We say

As the clock ticks



We want more at times

And less at others

In all the striving

Rushed and waiting

Circling what’s important

Without touching it

Breathing light and fast

Hurried and worried


The moment crashes into time

We can see it splintering

Fragments of our most important


Sheared off hopes flung far and wide

We let go

We let go

Of what was

Of what might be

This one deep breath


A patient certitude

A tender gratitude


Life is now

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Daily Poem 11/11/2020

We were just kids then

Building forts, and riding bikes

We drifted along

Feathers floating in the currents of life

Swimming in ponds, and pools, and lakes

Running as fast as we could to grow up

We were just kids then

Blowing bubbles, blowing out candles

Ripping the wrapping paper off gifts

We don’t even remember now

That we ever received them

The streets called our names as we wove

Stories between them

And the end of the day we made our ways home

We were just kids then

We didn’t know so much

We knew everything

We knew nothing

Adulthood couldn’t come soon enough

And would never leave

We ran and we run

Waiting for the sun to go down

So we can make our way home

We are just kids, then