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Longing for safety

A warm cocoon

Leave the cold at the door

Closed eyes against the troubles

Howling in the dark

I want soft music and quiet books

I want romance and love stories and happy endings

I want boats floating on tranquil waters

Under blue skies with cotton candy clouds

Longing for pleasant dreams

Deep sleeps

Friends and laughter

Good hard work with time to rest

Time for me

Longing for home somewhere


Discord makes an ingress

Violence calls unannounced

Shocking not shocking

How full of madness is the world

How full of strife

We no longer have to operate from such lack

How can humanity continue in this way

There is plenty for everyone

Distribution and hoarding are the main barriers

Logistics, and logic, and heart

Could so easily combine

Here we sit on the sidewalk in the rain

In wonder that no one opens the buildings empty

For shelter

Could you care less

Could you care more


Could you address the

Could you change the

Can we improve the

Blank spaces with hope

Blank spaces with care

Bland spaces before we

Slip over the edge

Humanity drowning in war

Humanity choked by greed

We were called to love

Above all

Our people

We were called to love

And did not answer this discomfort

With charity or generosity or wisdom

So came the collapse

Towers of Babel falling

Undone by pride and ignorance and obstinance

The ocean devoured the mountain

The mountain exploded into the sky

Somewhere a small god giggled to a

Small goddess and said

“Okay, I reset it. Your turn.”

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I Met You In Darkness

I waited there

Arms clutched around scabbed knees

Dirty face streaked with tears

Feet bare and calloused




Eyes closed tight against the world

Ears shut listening to the void

No whisper

No echo




Until my pounding heart demanded

A little longer than that

Calming along all lines

Drawn and redrawn


There is no reason

“Why would they do that?”

There is no reason

No logic

Not an answer to the question

I waited for you in the dark

To arrive with answers



Oh, but I met you there

I met you in darkness

And all you had to give me

What you gave me there in the darkest night

Like a small spark of hope

Like a brief touch of peace

Like the sun streaming through grey skies

When I met you in darkness

You gave me someone to love

No reason

Not logical

The glowing heart of you

Shining spirit

I still look for you

In the dark

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The path may be twisted

In directions unexpected

See the beauty in the bends

How the journey swiftly wends

Through forest and the vale

Making an interesting tale

For me I choose adventure

Off the path I would not censure

The call of mystery and magic

Not the antithesis of logic

Weave them both together

Every challenge will be weathered

Rational mind and spirit cleaved as one

On this sinuous road leading me home