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Whispering Love

I unpacked my fears and flaws
Audited and sorted
I folded and repaired
The tears and rents within
With tenderness I reached
A wilderness untamed
An isolated beach
An ocean calm and still
A never-ending peace
A refuge in the storm
I tossed away some garments
Doubt and worry in the pile
They just no longer fit
The shape I have become
Every fear
Every flaw
I know their names now
Wrapped carefully in kindness
Less likely to sting
This time of year I air it out
Housecleaning in the spring
Neatly folded into drawers
Or cast out in the rain
I whisper love
Both day and night
I whisper love
Confidence and fright
I whisper love
In darkness and in light

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Would You Know

A smile so bright

The haunting in the eyes shrouded

Would you wonder what hell she lived through

And to be able to shine


All around us

Untold stories of survival

We pass by

We judge and look askew

Darting sharp glances

In ignorance

I listened to a voice dismissed by others

My blood ran cold

And when I got home

I wept

And she had thanked me for being kind

And had smiled

If you pass her on the street

You wouldn’t know

How she burned in the flames

Of hell

And rose again to shine

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