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Saturday Evening Look Up

I searched heaven and hell

For your heart

Stepped along sandy beaches

Peered into the waves and foam

Gazed into fading sun and firelight

Listened for the beat of you

When tides came in

Heard your song upon the gentle breeze

Maybe I am flying now

Following this trail

Of clouds

Maybe I am standing still

Losing all my petals

About to go to seed

While the world turns carelessly

The rain pours down senselessly

While your song wavers among stars and dirt

Unable or unwilling

To come home

I am unable or unwilling

To come home

All that remains is the search

For heart and home

And a song that changes

But never ends

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Rest My Heart

Tuck in under a blanket, love

Lay your heart to rest

Let go of any worries, love

Release each thought and bless

The journey that has brought you here

The trail wound far too long

Were you battered by the weather

Blowing hot then cold

Did the storms sweep you off your feet

Has exhaustion sapped your spirit

Were you tempted to give up

Give in

To doubt and fear and hopelessness

Have you had enough, love

Do you need some time to heal

Take a moment

Take your rest

Take your weariness and wariness

Set them to the side

For everything and everyone

Who loves you will still be there

If you rest your heart

The path will still be winding

And the road will still be long

The challenges are waiting still

For your strength and for your song

Bring your heart, love

To the altar of the peace

Light the candle

Say a prayer, love

Rest, my heart, in me

Rest my heart in thee

This steeple of our fingertips

Our hands were meant to be

Holding onto one another

In hushed serenity

We come home to one another

Every time we close our eyes

Breathing in each other

Banked embers

For tonight

The interest growing




Through morning light


My heart

The dawn will break us

Soon enough

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Moved and Still Moving

I moved out and away

I am moving still

There’s an upcoming appointment with home

There’s a house

Itty Bitty

Teeny tiny it’s true

Where I will make a bed and

Have a little room

A place for a garden

A spot in the shade

It’s all underway

But there’s paths to cross until I get there

A hop and jump before then

A brief moment of time

A few things to accomplish

So this strange disarray of living and moving

Suitcase is packed

Organized chaos

I might be here and there


Checking in briefly

Unpacking just prior

To repacking and shifting

I contract and expand

Like a heart beating surely

Like a heart beating truely

One more step or two

One after the next

To a small little place of my own

Ain’t life grand

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I Left You In the Mirror

Maybe you are crying still

Our eyes met briefly through the pane

When I walked away with no glance back

I thought I heard your hand tap gently

On the golden gilded frame

It’s been years since I last saw you there

Generations past

I think I see your shadow waver

Glimpses through the looking glass

I shut my eyes and turn away

This path is long and neverending

Quietly descending

Then loudly challenging the force

Of gravity’s heel clutching fingers

I won’t look

I left you in the mirror

And as far as I can care to know

You’re standing in there still

Yet I write these letters

Hoping that you’ll see

We’ve almost made it home now

Almost there

It won’t be long now

Almost free

And in the morning misty air

Shower fogged and steamy mirror

I thought I saw you wave to me

Still safe behind the glass

I held your gaze a moment

And made peace with the past

mirror reflecting tender hand with pink rose
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I went into my draft folder to delete this morning’s draft and found this titled, but unwritten post. As they do sometimes, the words flowed easily. When I went looking for a photo, I found this one captivating, and better than the image I thought I had been seeking.

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Kicked to the Curb (with Audio)

On a dingy curb they sat

She in a dress once white

Grubby ruffles sliding down

From scabbed knees

Bare feet in the gutter

A thin arm wrapped around

His shoulders boney under

A faded blue shirt

His grim shorts matched

The grey cement

She called his name as she

Held him

Grabbed his elbows then

Wove her arms into his

The traffic in front of them

Pulsed in fumes and beats

Music poured out from cracked


Behind them legs took people

Quickly to their next appointment

She called his name

She called his name

I need you, she said

She called his name

I’m sorry, so sorry, so sorry

She called his name

Please survive

I will find you

In this bubble outside of time

Pact struck

Within the swirling city

That never was

Children who never were young

Spit on palms and clasped hands

Making promises

For the future

Writing hope into the lamplight

Singing dirges to the past

Drawing stick figures in grime

A couple kissing

Two in love

Encircled by an asymmetric heart

And when they woke

To another day in hell

Apart and never parted

Hanging on by a thin thread

Woven from a fragment of a

Dream half remembered

Until the day it was needed

“I’m glad you made it,” she said

“I feel selfish for needing you to survive that.”

“I hope you found some joy in the sunlight,

And laughter in the wind,

And peace in the water,

And love growing up from the soil.”

Possibilities swirled around them

Standing there between the light

And the Abyss

A single path began to coalesce

As he slid his hand into hers

“I said I would find you,” he told her

Every star in the sky became a blossom

Every flower in the meadow burst into flames

Birds became dragons

Whales flew through purple skies

Smoke curled up from stone chimney

A cat slept next to a dog in front of the hearth

They curled together under a blanket on the couch

She began to read to him from an unfinished book

When he closed his eyes for a moment

Under the words she spoke, he heard her call his name

And his name meant home to her

And so he stayed

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The path may be twisted

In directions unexpected

See the beauty in the bends

How the journey swiftly wends

Through forest and the vale

Making an interesting tale

For me I choose adventure

Off the path I would not censure

The call of mystery and magic

Not the antithesis of logic

Weave them both together

Every challenge will be weathered

Rational mind and spirit cleaved as one

On this sinuous road leading me home

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Wild Reckless Heart

Wild horse heart running reckless

Thundering across despairing plains

Mountain pony lost in the hillside forest

Heart abandoned loose in the valley

Around every bend I was searching

Across time and space I was reaching

I didn’t know it then

Thinking I was free then

Feeling I was free

Even though I caught sight of something

Even though I felt the soft pull of something

I ran and I weaved

I bucked and I galloped

This wild reckless heart driving me


My wild, reckless heart

Became the heart I could trust

My wild, reckless heart

Became the heart I could depend on

The day I met you


Bring me home

I’m done wandering

Bring me home

I’m done running

Bring me home

Bring me back to me

Bring me home

Bring me straight to you


Wild horse heart coming down from the hillside

Reckless heart coming out of the valley

Loose heart lost in the forest is found

Thundering heart on the plains

Finding hope in the binding

Of the sweet dreams I tried to out run

Of the sweet dreams I spied around bends

In the roads that I traveled alone

I know it now

That I’m free somehow

Found freedom there in your arms

Found freedom there by your side

Wild, reckless heart became calm

Wild, reckless heart became strong


My wild, reckless heart

Became the heart I could trust

My wild, reckless heart

Became the heart I could depend on

The day I met you

Brought me home

The day I met you

Brought me home

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Follow the Road Home – 12/1/2020

How did we get so far

We wonder watching how the moon slips by

How did we make it through it all

How could we be standing here upon a quiet shore

You speak of where you’ve been

The twists and turns and bends

Of bars, of friends, of dreams that came and went

How did we get here

How could it all work out

We wonder in the mornings over coffee with delight

I spoke of rhymes and trying times

Of joys found in wild meadows

We listen to the heartbeat of the song rising

Between us

The music is a road leading us home

How did we get here

Listen to the melodies

How could we have made it through

We heard the harmony

We wonder as the sun sets over lake as smooth as glass

The full moon is there reflecting

Each note bringing us fast

How did we follow the road home

We followed the drumming of our hearts



The music is the road home