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Heart Returned to Sender

My heart returned last night

From adventures far and wide

A little sheepish

A little quiet

A little battered from the journey

A little rougher than I’d like

So, I set it on the stage with me

Poured love into the mic

Watched it grow and heal beneath

The cozy, kind bar lights

All the worries

All the fears

All the longing that I feel

For a connection deep and true

Transformed by chord and key

Unlocking every fetter

Chaining you to me

I sing away the blues

I’m lost within the music now

My heart is home and healthy


Giving thanks and gratitude

For every song I drew

From all the love I won and lost

For all the mysteries uncovered

For every dream come true

We’re getting ready for the next dream

Recovery and rest

My heart is home again now

Returned to sender from the best

I could imagine

Whether truth or lie

Love is never ending


Love never dies

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Thoughts About Things


I gave birth to galaxies

Universe expanding

They shine in the distance

Welcome lights in the darkness

Love given and received

Forever bound and free


Taken away at birth

A great disconnection

Cut off from the past


Some fare better than I did

I fared better than some

No changing the past

Wresting the future from the present

Only a glance back now and then

To take measure of the journey

Catch a breath and take the next step


Reductionist arguments

Exclusive mindset

War of ideology in full force

Enforced rigidity

Of thought, values, behavior

What land is free

In such restriction


They will try to tell you what to do

And how

Such arrogance

Such ignorance

A tiring process to protect


One’s center

One’s time

And attention

Set the boundaries

Hold them tight

Flow like water

Around the fight

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Circles and Cycles


Isn’t always easy

She’d eat my food

I didn’t know at first

Or understand

A community mind

First trip to the grocery with her

Loading up with things I’d like

It’s been decades now

Sharing time

A place to shelter into

Sharing friends

They started sharing too

Filling my home with replacements

For much of what I’d left behind

Filling my circle with love

I give and give back and give away

Everything I need within reach

A call away

A text

We cycle gratitude

We circle around the debts we owe

Which do not cancel each other out

Life for life

Blood for blood

Soul for soul

This giving and receiving

Endless circle

Material things or wise words

Or simple presence

Gratitude rises

Gratitude overflows like a fountain

Gratitude streams over the edges



Until we are luminescent rivers

Until we are the shimmering ocean

And you reading this

Are now caught up in an eddy

Maybe you will understand in a year

This vortex which has swept you upside down

Shaken you firmly

Stretched you out longer

Wound and unwound you

Until you are dizzy

Will place your feet firmly

On the path invisible

You walk on water


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Would You Know

A smile so bright

The haunting in the eyes shrouded

Would you wonder what hell she lived through

And to be able to shine


All around us

Untold stories of survival

We pass by

We judge and look askew

Darting sharp glances

In ignorance

I listened to a voice dismissed by others

My blood ran cold

And when I got home

I wept

And she had thanked me for being kind

And had smiled

If you pass her on the street

You wouldn’t know

How she burned in the flames

Of hell

And rose again to shine

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I Slept Grateful

In the quiet evening hush

I held this daily accounting

Where did I error there

Where did I do right here

What were those mistakes

And how to approach repair

What did I do well

What can I build from that

With a kindly eye I counted

My thoughts and deeds that day

Thankfulness arises gently

Gratitude showed up too

These little daily blessings

Adding up and adding up

Before each time I close my eyes

I am refined

I sleep sublime

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Daily Poem 11/27/2020

Don’t tell me to

Be grateful for hardship

I never wanted such strength

Lifting the weight of seven generations

Silencing the groans of ancestors reverberating

In my bones, my tendons, my blood

Let me be thankful for the quick footed antics

Of chipmunks and squirrels

For flocks of birds, and the lone hawk

I will raise my voice in praise to the moon, and the sun, and the stars

And gently touch the rose with my finger in blessings

I will honor my family and friends

Offering love, and peace, and compassion to strangers and

Those I consider kin

To hardship, I grit my teeth

Clenched jaws, and shoulder into the hard work

Fortitude and patience

Tenaciously digging out from under the rubble

Heaped on innocence

I am not grateful for it

You do not thank for this

It is to be endured, survived

Then risen above and left like the waste that it is

Let it decay

When it is fertile loam, plant trees

One can be grateful for trees

Growing strong through decades

Forgiving the once barren land with life itself

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The Old Gods and The New – Daily Poem 11/17/2020

The old gods and the new

Don’t care about your happiness

Not in the way you think

They’ll drown you in despair

While they sit and have a drink

They’ll give you tragedy and strife

Just to build your strength

When your strength has reached a peak

They will leave the strong to crumble

Watch it fail and see you weak

Make your plan

Till the fields

Some years of famine

Some years of yields beyond all measure

The old gods and the new

Don’t care about your discontent

Not in the way that you imagine

They’ll send you seeking treasure

And riches you will find

Then send you searching after love

On a quest for the Divine

Then they’ll rob you of your gains

Shake loose all confidence

No security remains

Every boon that you will find

Will be removed upon the whims

Of the old gods and the new

Stand you there with nothing

Poor and loveless

Destitute of mind

Stand you there without a thing

To call your own

Praying to the new gods and the old

But they’re in a game of checkers

So, you see

You’re on your own