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My life burned to the ground again

What could I take

Some memories and gifted things

What could I leave

Some memories and gifted things

What remained in the ashes

What fleeing hands could grasp

As the charred timbers fell

And the sparks flew

There’s no

There’s not

There’s nothing

What am I draped in lack

Who am I silhouette in black

Wealth is rippling out and in again

With tides of change and fortune

Pulled and pushed by mysterious lunar forces

Rich in spirit

Walking through the rubble

No regrets

Not regrets

Nothing but regrets

I learned long ago that what I viewed

As nothing

Was wealth to someone else

And here I sit in comfort

With the salvage of this blazing storm

More than enough it’s true

What am I dressed in sunlight

Who am I glowing from within

Combing this reckless shoreline now

For treasures gifted from the sea

I have two teapots

And that’s a lot

For me

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Christmas Dreams 12/14/2020

Pour the coffee, darling

The sun rises over fields of snow

Dressed in white the trees are reaching

For a golden glowing cloudless sky

Stoke the fires against the chill

Our day begins in cozy cabin warmth

Almost Christmas morning

Our gifts are packaged neatly

There’s pie and cookies on the counter

The children are behaving sweetly beneath

Twinkle lights and evergreens

We walk sugar coated hills in cold flare sun

Sparkling snow beneath our feet is crunching fun

In the shadow of the trees we’ll take the path

Into the mystic winter trails of Christmas past

When we skated without fear on frozen lakes

Constructed forts of icy blocks for snowball fights

Christmas afternoon is almost here

Mugs are filled with bright hot chocolate cheer

We’re snuggled up in blankets next to

Ornaments and bows

As the sun begins to paint the sky in brilliant orange

The temperature is falling like the night

Darling, meet me by the mistletoe discreetly

For a gentle Christmas kiss under the arch

We’ll fill plates for a simple savory supper

Light some candles for a soft effusive light

Christmas night is almost here

Against the dark sky stars are dancing

The winter wind begins to blow

We’re tucked in under auntie’s quilt against

The cold and snow

Dreaming Christmas dreams until next year

We’ll be dreaming Christmas dreams until next year