Bones Shake

The bones of the earth rattle

What have you done

Mountain tops tumble

What have you done

Red rivers running rivulets

Through the ruddy landscape

What have you done

Howling winds demand to know

What have you done

Plucking trees from forest beds

Planks sailing through the sky

What have you done

The skeletons are restless

The closet doors won’t hold

The basement is unbedded

The graves grave stories are unfolded

What have you done

Ghostly spirits wailing

Tragedies untold

The bones shake with fury

The bones shake with grace

The finger of the past is pointing

The earth herself is speaking

What have you done

Nothing just or righteous

Be certain

The sky is falling

Blood dripping down the canvas

The past is calling

Unanswerable muted mumbles

To your knees fiends

Your time is up

The forest has risen

Growing wooden stakes

For vampire hearts

The ashes have gathered

The bones shake

The bones shake

And you cannot dance

No more

body of water
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Ghosts of Ghosts

It’s happened before

After moving

To see the hint of a friend from before

In a person I’m meeting for the first time

Just a ghost of a ghost

A common curve of the chin

Combined with a curiously familiar tilt of the head

It’s that guy’s eyes who remind my of a mentor

And that one’s shape of his head and how his teeth flash

When he laughs

Which whispers to me of another

It’s in a gesture reminiscent that she used

Which tells me a story of time long passed

Not for the first time have I wondered if the Universe

Ran out of templates

Cobbling together new people from bits of the old ones

We’re not snowflakes formed crystalline from moisture

In the frozen air


We are passed down and spliced and rearranged

Through the complex genetic shuffling

We are mirrors of each other

We are spirits grounded

We are expressions of something more than ourselves

And we are haunted

By ghosts of ghosts

Carefully knitting the past to the future

With present yarns

This Town is Haunted

Under a hot blue sky

Ruffled by breezes

The past overlaid the present

I could hear the chubby toddler laughter

Of an evening walk gone by

How many times we trod

Down this sidewalk as the sun lowered

But no

He’s grown and left

This echo of his early life

Reverberating in my heart

I drive passed the place of the fender bender

I stand in the parking lot of a previous job

From a previous time

Worked by a previous me

The brick is the same

The sign is unchanged

Am I late? I wonder

Bygones and bygones

I miss the turn to the old house

I wasn’t going there anyway

It’s too familiar and too far away

The dreams of this place span universes

Seven unique interpretations of this single nexus

On the curve of the road which binds them together

I am saturated with awareness


The wave is cresting

A hollow formed under the curve

Chaos is sure to follow

At the moment of submersion

Water will roil and rush the shore

The present rearranged to accommodate

Phantasms and other worlds

Watching where I step

When the boundaries thin

Where magic happens

But the ghosts pass on

Without saying good-bye

Without a wink and a nod

They fade and dissolve

I weave a new adventure

Over faded threads and bare spots

Working in and around the beautiful

Images which have kept their color

Preserved with love

This town is haunted

One more ghost returned now