Imperfect Love

My heart loves perfectly


Without terms and conditions

My heart is caged


Within me

By mind and ego and scars

The past warps expressions

In the rush to emote

I trip over words

Phrased poorly

I am tactless

The worse it goes

The worse I make it

Stumbling and desperate

To give and share the perfect love I feel

The more I try

The more I fall

Stumbling over broken shards of truth

This healing is too hard, I cry

I squash the ego with humiliation

I’m sorry, I say

I’m sorry I’m broken

I’m sorry I wasn’t healed enough

I’m sorry I survived this way

I couldn’t find another way to make it

I couldn’t find a different way to live than this one

I contorted

To be loved

To be understood

I try to be what you need and what you want

Yet in the end I am just this

Mess of partially healed

Partially wounded

Partially wise

Partially healing

Partially damaged

Partially processed


I am a stew of emotions

I am a bird in flight in the rain

I am the limping wolf

The deer tangled in barbed wire

My heart is caught and wild and pure

If I knew how I would be only peace

If I knew how my words would only soothe

If I knew how my actions would only heal

If I knew how to be invincible

I would cease panicking

Stop suffering

End doubt

Even rocks are not invincible

The world itself suffers

All of life is a blend of love and pain

Light and shadow

I am a layered painting

I am a song of dissonance and harmony

And so are you

And so are you

Loving imperfectly like me

Being imperfectly loved like me

We muddle through it

Wading through this life

Knee deep in mystery

Bog sucking boots

Trying to find dry land again

We slog through the difficulties

Until we’re safe on the forest path

Filtered sunlight and dry trails

Our love growing more confident

Skewed a little more to perfect

A little further way from pained

And we walk joyous together

In the welcoming woods


Nature’s fortress formed by stone

Deep in the forest flora

The sentinels are growing there

Straight and tall

Straight and true

Shelter for the birds and creatures

Crawling through the day and night

Grazing, hunting, singing bright

Beneath the silent watch of wood

Guardians of all that strive

Protectors of the wilderness

We walk humble through the towering trees

Underneath the canopy of leaves

What will we find

On the other side of the rocks

We climb in reverence

We climb again

Always reaching beyond

The known

To discover another wonder

Mysteries unveiled

Another marker on the trail

Hearts and Stone

They hang like chimes

Those hearts dangling over earth and stone

To hear their song in the hushed morning mist

Singing tales of brokenness and healing

Is to wander wonderingly into a pinpoint light

Soft and warm against the cool, hard texture

Of stone

Is to remember being wrapped in your arms

In a way that hasn’t happened yet

In a way that may never happen

Except in the floral chimes



Swaying beautifully

Lit from within

Let us soften love

And meet one day on the path

Through fog and forest

Let us soften love

Until the light of us

Becomes one

As the stone blossoms

And hearts softly sing

In the Forest

What have I become here

In dappled light and sunshine shaded

Growing next to game trails

I grew beyond

I grew beyond each label others placed upon me

I grew beyond boundaries set like stone walls in my mind

I grew beyond it

I grew beyond it all

Wild seeds were spread throughout the understory

Watered by the dew and falling rains

What have I become here

Rising from this dirt and leaves and twigs

Reaching up beyond the detritus of the past

Lifting higher to a new configuration

Walk deep into the forest

With eyes wide open

With listening ears

Walk deeply into the heart of the wood

And see me there

And see me there

Beyond it all

Woodland Promise

What mysteries may be found within

The forest secrets kept

When in the misty morning light

We chance upon a tree which slept

With our shuffling feet we walk

Down paths ever intertwining

We wake the giants from their slumber

The earth shifts, and the moss groans

Each tree lifts from its loamy bed

And after us begins to lumber

With spindly branches catches us upon

The collars of our coats

And lifts us to their barking faces

Inspecting us with wonder

In fear we shiver and we quake

What do these sylvan beings want

Into our ears their ethereal voices

Ask for us to make things right

To restore some balance to the world

Before it is too late

They set us back upon the path

Settle back into their mossy places

We exit from the forest deep

Saying farewell in great relief

Their bark worse than their bite

For now, but we have promises to keep

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Forest Heart

By lantern light, she walked the forest path

Shadows dancing with the light it cast

Near the fairy gate she trod

Barefoot on mossy coated sod

Placed lantern in a boulder nook

Next to the quiet bubbling brook

She waited for the sun to rise

Beneath the clear and starry skies

Around her swirled in gilded guise

The spirits of the woodland wise

Whispering of secret stores

Tales of hidden treasure hoards

She begged them off her time to wait

For she had come to meet her fate

As the morning rays pierced canopy

She found her heart among the leaves

Her head she laid upon its breast

To dream all day in tranquil rest

When she awoke her heart reclaimed

Her voice she lifted to proclaim

A calling to the earth and sky

The treasure which she sought to find

Had always been inside her mind

She took up the empty lantern case

In the fading light of setting sun

She made her way back home

Through winding forest path she went

She walked the long road home

She walked the road alone

When Ravens Cry 12/5/2020

Walking down a frosty woodland path

I heard the cries

I heard them calling

Angry voices shouting out

From beyond the trees

I had come for peace

I sought the tranquil comfort of the woods

This was not to be

No, this would not be

Maybe they would settle as I walked

Maybe they would resolve their quarrel as I moved

Through bare and bended branches

On leaves and moss icily encrusted

I meant to just keep walking

To find some quiet solitude, but I turned back

Following a game trail through the wicked thorns

I found them then, up in the limbs

The ravens crying angrily

Defiantly they cried

One more step, all took wing, and I could see

The trouble a predatory bird

The ravens cry a warning

The ravens cry a warning

Into the sky they fled

Leaving a still silence which

Into a tiny song burst forth

Short and sweet

Short and sweet

From the covering thicket to my side

And I walked on

Tranquil forest paths

As the sun rose to the raven’s

Swift good-bye

And my heart echoed with

The angry raven’s cry

The silence

And the sweetness

Of the trilling little ones

Who followed with me

For a time

They followed with me for a time

Daily Poem 11/29/2020

The cathedral of you

Divine light flowing from your eyes

A warmth of spirit in the air you breathe

Strong supports uplifting

Multicolored hope shining brightly

I would sing within you

Of the trees and sky and winter’s grace

Of stones and roots and river bends

In harmonies of tempered notes

Written by swords long rusted by

Time’s eternal march

There in the forest standing alone

A shrine of love

Open the doors

To the infinite drumming

Of life’s pure dream

The contemplation of the sacred

Fire within

A song without end

A song without an end

Daily Poem – 11/25/2020

All that’s left of summer

The memory of vibrant blooms

Glorious colors rising up from the greens

Warm breezes

Cool rains

Those chattering flocks of birds

Curtailed trips and

Cancelled plans

Letting go of aspirations

I had such plans

To travel to forests and explore

The dappled sunlight in shadowed spaces

To stand on the shores of lakes and streams

We fell instead into stasis

Uncomfortable stillness in manmade boxes

Would you meet me there in the woods

To stand within a cathedral of trees

Listening to the hum of creation

A bumble

A birdcall

The music of air through the leaves


Someday when summer arrives