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I crawl deep into the earth

Through the cracks and following the stone

The rock

The immensity of solid

Down and deeper

Until the chill eases and the warmth rises

In darkness disoriented

The only sound is the echo of myself




Who are you

What are you

Where are you going

What will you do



I am a star shining in the void

Within me I am within the world

Isolated I connect with the all-that-is

Even you there

Drifting across the stone

The cathedral ceiling

You are a meteor passing through the cave

A flash of brilliance here and gone again

You were always there

You were never there

Time ceases infinite

The light will grow and I will make my way back

From the revelations of this sleep

The long lingering nap of devotion

I am a tree

I am a bear

I am the snow laying bleak across the landscape

Tossed by the winds

Blown by fate

I take up my place in the void

Singing the hymns of creation

Singing the plants back to life

Singing the trees to unfold

Spring wells from within the cavern of my heart

Radiating with the warmth of the earth

Near the center of life

Take up the drum

Take up the bow

There are battles and prey

We are hungry for new life

Better ways



The dawn will light the horizon

And we will sleep no more

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All the Lights

The starlight shrouded by clouds

Submerged in the glow of the moon

In the deep night singing

Not a note can be taken back

A bridge crossed

A path walked

The pace is changing

In the following hush

There is a moment pristine

An untouched stream

Sparkling in the sun

A memory of things

Which have yet to occur

There is a far away dream

A step closer to the next




The forest still calls


As dawn arises with the birds

A curious cup of coffee

A sense of wonder


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Broken Dawns

How many mornings

Awoken by tears

How many nights

Kept up by fears

How many times Death

Knocked at the door

Running away before

I could get there

“Come back!”

“You missed!”

Suffering is too great at times

To want to bear another minute

How many broken dawns cracked

Before day’s growing light

How many rivers flowed into the sea

Salty sadness running running

To the sea

Drowning in the waves of grief

Weighted down by guilt and shame

Longing only for relief

For someone to say my name

With love

What ungrateful, resentful steps

I took shrugging through those days

Looking only at my toes

Counting all my woes

Seeing only foes

I fell so many times

Lying on my back

Sprawled across the cracks

Splintered sidewalks sprouting weeds

Blue sky above me

So many hands helping me to my feet

So much love poured in and I

Well shielded watched it pour away again

There drummed a drum in time

Outside of these convincing temporary

Temporal constraints

I became a broken dawn

Unbearably made of light

Painfully awakening to my own role

In my plights

How through each shade of morning

I arise

I arise

Every broken dawn

Through each shade of mourning

I arise

A broken dawn

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Negotiating more space

Withdrawal in the best senses

Soft sounds

Low light

In silence

I show up for myself

Cocooned from without

No longer missing the sound of my heart

Plenty of room to sort through

Fluctuating feelings

To let them

Swirl and


To open again

To the soft rise of hope

To the glow of dawn

To the moon and owl

To the great mysteries of life

Embracing the lack of answer to the question


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Unremarked and solitary

Did you find yourself unraveled

Are the trees whispering your name

When you walk beneath their branches

Are the birds still singing of your passage

There below

Do the chipmunks and the squirrels

Chatter on in playful sparring

Are the feelings in your breast drawing swords

And gone a warring

Does the battle rage within you

Under the blue and open sky

Waving grasses lightly browned

Do they bow as you walk by

Is the wind bringing you messages

To the spirit that you carry

Urging you to hurry

Do not linger

Do not tarry

In the coldest morning’s touch

Frosted lashes

Cold dark tales

Are you running toward a future

Are you fleeing from what was

Will you stop and see the beauty

Close your eyes and just step off

Too many ways to go along

Too many ways to stop

Can you hear the murmur there

Beneath the traffic and the noise

Unwrap the bandage from the wound

Let it seep and let it pour

You’re almost there

You’ve almost made it

Just one more rise to reach

To feel the sun

That shining balm

Central star

And come undone

In this quiet morment

Right before the twilight

And the dawn

Love is chasing down your heart

Love is waiting at the bend

Love is the path on which you run

Love is the stars at night

Love is the flaming dawn

Love is the shimmering


Light within you

Love has been there all along

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He lingers on the edges

Of a universe askew

I am dancing in the courtyard

Garden fountain flowing

The music’s in the summer breeze

There are flowers in my hair

This dress is swishing softly

The grass bedecked with dew

There’s a tension to this moment

Each step, each turn, each beat

Will he step forward to the dance

Or back again with chilly feet

The moon is shining brightly

The dawn is soon to break

This dance is almost over

The pipes have all been played

My arms are tracing patterns

Against the starry morn

The spell is almost finished

Fate is almost cast

He lingers on the edges

Of a universe askew

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What Dreams Of Me

In the back of the dark

What could be night awakens

The thread of life unrolling

Pursuing every step I make

Tangles in my feet and hair

Faster than my fear

I cannot run




What could be dawn still sleeping

This twilight world this dream

Nothing solid nothing real

I touch you and you melt away

You reach for me and fade

Across the atmospheric void

A thousand points of lights

Webs of threaded lives entangled

Winking in and out of strife

My heart my heart my heart my heart

Let loose and shine

My heart my heart my heart my heart

One more time

One more time

Love this life

Love this life

What dreams of me are there

What dreams of me is stirring

What dreams of me will wake

What dreams of me will go on as I become

A memory

A distant dream a message

Wipes the sleep from eyes

Forgets me on the way to breakfast

What dreams of me

Destroyed my appetite

No dawn nor dusk

No shining lights

No hungry ghosts or joy

My run becomes a dance

A last chance a next chance a big chance

I reach

I leap

I love

Falling gently into a dream that is my own

And what dreams of me

Has lost me

I awaken and forget the tales of sleep

On the way to breakfast

My heart my love my appetite returns

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Rest My Heart

Tuck in under a blanket, love

Lay your heart to rest

Let go of any worries, love

Release each thought and bless

The journey that has brought you here

The trail wound far too long

Were you battered by the weather

Blowing hot then cold

Did the storms sweep you off your feet

Has exhaustion sapped your spirit

Were you tempted to give up

Give in

To doubt and fear and hopelessness

Have you had enough, love

Do you need some time to heal

Take a moment

Take your rest

Take your weariness and wariness

Set them to the side

For everything and everyone

Who loves you will still be there

If you rest your heart

The path will still be winding

And the road will still be long

The challenges are waiting still

For your strength and for your song

Bring your heart, love

To the altar of the peace

Light the candle

Say a prayer, love

Rest, my heart, in me

Rest my heart in thee

This steeple of our fingertips

Our hands were meant to be

Holding onto one another

In hushed serenity

We come home to one another

Every time we close our eyes

Breathing in each other

Banked embers

For tonight

The interest growing




Through morning light


My heart

The dawn will break us

Soon enough

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Moonlit Gift

As I lay sleeping

Curtains open to the night

A slice of moon tapped at my pillow

Cool bright touch upon my face

How young I was and

Fearful of the dark

Yet in that quiet moment came awake

In the silent benediction of the light

For a few moments in communion

Listening to the early morning hush

A peace stole over me, and entered in my heart

It will be all right, one day

Just like this moment in the night

Each luminescent touch down through the years

Planting hope and weeding out the fears

Another reason to hold onto this life

And wait out the darkness until the dawn

For years I sat in darkness, silent

Until the dawn