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We stand at the threshold

This door ajar

Speaking quietly across

A boundary

Will knots in our hearts untangle

Can we knit together a vision shared

Weave a future out of dreams unspoken



Would we step through into each other’s world

Does the sun shift in the sky

Does the moon rock softly in the night

Does the earth wobble in its rotation

Take this thread and love its brightness

Shape and form

See the tapestry holding every soul

We fit in there

Our shades and lightness

A small story within the tallest tale

Writing our future with hook and stitch

An embroidered love

Blooming in the corners

We stand at the threshold

Door ajar

Speaking quietly

Of everything but love

Speaking quietly

Making room for love

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There is no composition

Without decomposition

We break down

Broken down by fates and whims

The sun shines

The wind howls

The rain falls

The rotting and decay

Spirits falling and flagging and flailing

Components revealed

Bleached bones of old structures

Half buried by what used to be


Our youth


Our pride


Our strength

Molecules become atoms

Reforming into new molecules


All the material at the ready

For composition

We write our stories in time

One decision after the next

Seeds splitting open to sprout

Recombining the secret patterns

Into glittering webs of life

We sing hope into the sky

Bright streams of glorious light

One note after the next

A chorus

A melody

A symphony

From that pain and joy

Wringing something new out of the earth

Until we are so far away from the detritus

That we forget

Have forgotten

That it was born from utter destruction

Of what had been

Broken down through time

Rocks became rubble

Oceans rose and fell

Fires flamed and fed

We turn

We turn

We turn to stone and

When the butterfly lands

On our shoulders

We return to life

To grow and glow and shine

Hearts open and eyes bright