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Where Have You Gone

The winds blew you away

In a gale

In a whoosh

In a breeze

Tumbling across the desert

Deluged in the sheeting rain

Capsized by waves




Did you continue courageous

Did you succeed victorious

Were you scrambling for footing

Have you lost your way

Does your heart still beat for truth

Are you seeking love

Are you hanging upside down in a tree

The hanged man suspended

Biding time

Waiting for the stars to align

Hark to the spring song

The lilies bloom in time

The roads converge

The wind dies

We stand at the grave weeping

She is reborn

The whole world rejoiced

A rainbow glowing

Across the ocean bound

Where have you gone that

You cannot return again

A new path on an old road

An old foot on a new path

Where have you gone my heart

I hear you beating on the wind


Flying home

Soaring free

white dandelion under blue sky and white cloud
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Add courage less the fear

Love without the doubt

Thinking minus worry

Multiply your friends

Exponential family

Don’t divide to win

Art in symmetry

Asymmetrical poetry

A musical intermission

Imagine if you will

Trust and faith and hope

With every inhale love

With every exhale love

Less the pain

Less the pain