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Christmas Gift 12/18/2020

Some folks get comfort from tradition

Others thrive on bold sedition

I have a more unique condition

Finding comfort in this premonition

A starry night both crisp and clear

Under the shining moon above

After a day of sun filled skies

Hand in hand with you my love

Your heart is a gift to the world

You wrapped it in ribbons of curlicue rhthyms

Placed the whole package under my tree

On a sticker so small that it might have been missed

Written “I love you” in a minor blues riff

Some celebrate wildly with food and with drinks

Some people read quietly, and in solitude think

There are those who watch movies right on the brink

For me the best part of the season are links

To the heart of my world

To the song in my soul

To the one who lights up the darkening swirl

Of shadows which never quite leave

The losses of all I have grieved

As Christmas approaches with a potential for gifts

I look in the presence for the spirit which lifts

My eyes from the troubles I’m leaving behind

To a future of hope in my heart

And a joy in my mind

If ever there were a love such as this

I would step forward with courage to claim that first kiss

Some people look to tradition

Some people are strong on sedition

I have this unique condition

Taking comfort in this Holiday premonition

It may be next week, or it may be next year

We’ll be together at Christmas sharing good cheer

We’ll be together at Christmas sharing good cheer

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Coffee Shop Christmas

The night before Christmas

We were walking

The night before Christmas

We were talking

We were falling in love

Christmas Eve

The lights hung from eaves

In the crisp winter night

Balloon Santa played in the yards

The deer were all right with their

Noses alight

We held hands as we walked

Down the street

We stopped for a drink at the

Local café

Sometimes it still feels like a dream

We sat in a café

We talked in that café

We fell in love over coffee that night

Now when winter begins

And the snow starts to fall

And the neighborhood lights are displayed

We walk down the street

Recall the present we found in each other

That Christmas Eve

On that Christmas Eve

Having known one another for years

That magical night everything shifted

Our eyes met in a way unexpected

Essentially seeing a future together

Our hearts to each other we gifted

Our hearts from each other accepted

On a cold winter

Bright winter

Night Christmas Eve

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Christmas Dreams 12/14/2020

Pour the coffee, darling

The sun rises over fields of snow

Dressed in white the trees are reaching

For a golden glowing cloudless sky

Stoke the fires against the chill

Our day begins in cozy cabin warmth

Almost Christmas morning

Our gifts are packaged neatly

There’s pie and cookies on the counter

The children are behaving sweetly beneath

Twinkle lights and evergreens

We walk sugar coated hills in cold flare sun

Sparkling snow beneath our feet is crunching fun

In the shadow of the trees we’ll take the path

Into the mystic winter trails of Christmas past

When we skated without fear on frozen lakes

Constructed forts of icy blocks for snowball fights

Christmas afternoon is almost here

Mugs are filled with bright hot chocolate cheer

We’re snuggled up in blankets next to

Ornaments and bows

As the sun begins to paint the sky in brilliant orange

The temperature is falling like the night

Darling, meet me by the mistletoe discreetly

For a gentle Christmas kiss under the arch

We’ll fill plates for a simple savory supper

Light some candles for a soft effusive light

Christmas night is almost here

Against the dark sky stars are dancing

The winter wind begins to blow

We’re tucked in under auntie’s quilt against

The cold and snow

Dreaming Christmas dreams until next year

We’ll be dreaming Christmas dreams until next year