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I had this framed, and gave it to my college roommate, who I’m staying with for a while, and it’s hanging on a wall in her kitchen! (At least until I move into my new place :P)

Small Illumination

When the night falls silently

Cloaked over the restless day

Fears of the dark and unknown

Rising within and surrounding without

Each step feels fraught

Will the ground hold

Will the path stay steady

Is there a missed obstruction

Feet tripping over downed branches

Choices not taken or rued

How the heart beats faster

Shallows in the breath

The ominous quiet pervades

Calm is the challenge

Centering within

Cultivating a small illumination

That window to an infinite light

Texturing a peace

Like still water refelecting

The light of the round moon


Through the mists of fate

One sure step taken

To reveal the next

This is how, then

The journey resumes

In this small illuminated place


Bleak grey sky and a pocketful of adventure

The stinging cold tempered by a little hope

In disbelief, I sat trying to turnover an engine of dreams

That would not start

Just an endless clicking

No purring come-to-life signifyer

My engine guy’s name is Joe (of course it is –

All the best mechanics are so named)

It’s probably a dead battery, Joe said

Dead in the frozen ocean of snow

The biting wind nipped at my hands

While I looked within

At a terminal problem

One can labor under the weight of options

For hours or days

Choices and consequences and possible futures

Strung out in an infinite array

A pressure to decide just to have made a decision

Tempered by an internal patience

More information

Sit with the complications

Until reduced to a precise simplicity

Better connections

Cleaned and cleared of the past

Replace the core

Take the time it takes, but make it quick

Stick with it until the solution arrives

Until the word is go


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Drew A Blank 12/12/2020

Shuffled cards and dealt

Cut the cards and picked one

There must have been some trouble

For the card I drew was blank

The answer is unknown

The answer can’t be shown

There is no answer

The possibilities are endless

The choices are not clear

The way forward is mysterious

Deep in the fog

I try to steer

Magic eight ball says to try again


The way is up to me

Go with the flow

Envision what I want

And go thatta way

Get some advice

But trust my intuition

Don’t get bogged down in my


I am spinning in the clouds

Of the blank card that I’ve drawn

I’m up against the bank

Of a storm that’s headed now

I’m hanging on and

Letting go

But did I keep what should be kept

Did I leave what should be left

Or did I mix it up and let go

Of the thing I should have saved

And did I keep the very thing

I should have heaved

Do I shuffle yet again

Or just take a breath

And just begin

From where I spin amongst the clouds

Neither up and

Neither down

Take this blank card that I’ve drawn

And write the story that could be

When the fog clears

If the fog clears

Should the way clear just for me