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A Distinction

Does the rose have hopes of red

A longing for a certain shade

Velvet texture crimson

And is that rose disappointed

By its hue of white yellow or pink

Or does that rose grow

In the shade of its genetic distinction

Glowing softly in the evening light

And will the dandelion cry

That it is not a rose

And lacks the thorns and reverence

Bestowed upon its kin

Will it wish to be gathered into bouquets

Symbolizing love

Or is it happy to be medicinal

Golden sunspots on the lawn

Will it revel in its distinction

Pithy roots and hollow stemmed

And will I grow in my distinction

Into the form genetically bestowed

Taking talent and experience

Mixed with trials and errors

And grow within and without my bounds

Not looking at the rose or at the dandelion

With envy or disdain

Can I pull courage from the earth itself

And hopes down from the sky

Transmuting ethereal energy into a

Common cosmic flow

Of love

Will I dance in gentle breezes

And bend low in the storm

Will the sunlight bid me open

And the twilight bid me close

But most of all will I grow here

In this individual distinction

Let my colors be my colors

Without regret or woe

Let my texture be my texture

Each leaf and petal flowing

Out from center

In its predetermined pattern

And will I choose to walk a path

And a destiny pursue

Which will add to life’s collection

Of bountiful blessings

Will I bloom

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I Slept Grateful

In the quiet evening hush

I held this daily accounting

Where did I error there

Where did I do right here

What were those mistakes

And how to approach repair

What did I do well

What can I build from that

With a kindly eye I counted

My thoughts and deeds that day

Thankfulness arises gently

Gratitude showed up too

These little daily blessings

Adding up and adding up

Before each time I close my eyes

I am refined

I sleep sublime

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The Old Gods and The New – Daily Poem 11/17/2020

The old gods and the new

Don’t care about your happiness

Not in the way you think

They’ll drown you in despair

While they sit and have a drink

They’ll give you tragedy and strife

Just to build your strength

When your strength has reached a peak

They will leave the strong to crumble

Watch it fail and see you weak

Make your plan

Till the fields

Some years of famine

Some years of yields beyond all measure

The old gods and the new

Don’t care about your discontent

Not in the way that you imagine

They’ll send you seeking treasure

And riches you will find

Then send you searching after love

On a quest for the Divine

Then they’ll rob you of your gains

Shake loose all confidence

No security remains

Every boon that you will find

Will be removed upon the whims

Of the old gods and the new

Stand you there with nothing

Poor and loveless

Destitute of mind

Stand you there without a thing

To call your own

Praying to the new gods and the old

But they’re in a game of checkers

So, you see

You’re on your own