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Update: Falling into Autumn

Last weekend, I had the privilege of working with a sound crew for the Southern Indiana Blues Festival in Bean Blossom, Indiana. Held at the Bill Monroe Music Park and Campground, there were two stages surrounded by beautiful wooded areas with a small lake nestled in the holler between the hills.

I camped for the first time ever – luckily there were vendors there with fair food, but I was able to make a good strong pot of coffee every morning. I got to meet musicians from all over, and I learned a lot about sound. And physics. And metaphysics, because at the junction of audio frequencies, spirit, and music there is a space, an elevation, a connection that brings people to their feet, dancing and moving in time together. What is this?

Also, some other things have clarified for me, such as where will I be living, which is a tough question to have hanging about in the air. I am staying put for now, and with that decision came a small list of home improvement projects, because where and how you live, at least in part, reflects who you are and who you want to become. I added some solar lights, and some blinds because there’s a time to see and a time to refrain from seeing.

Or something.

I have some upcoming decisions to make as well which are of no small significance, some writing to do – pulled out a big project and dusted it off – some practice to make music better and keep improving, and the regular food prep, cash hustle, and where did I put the joy activities.

And naps. Lots of naps to help process the changes within and without.

Art has taken a bit of a breather, but there are pieces available in the Magic Art Shop – see link in header/menu, and prints of some of the artwork available on RedBubble – see the link in the sidebar/bottom of screen.

Hope everyone is doing well as we fall out of summer into autumn. May we land gently on piles of leaves with no hidden branches or garden implements. Apple cider and pumpkin lattes will battle it out every crisp day, whether it be the bright sunny days chilled or the damp, grey-skied rain soaked days biting, they will contend and vie for your taste buds until winter descends and hot cocoa triumphs.

A toast to the quest of the falling leaves and baring branches.

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I knew for a moment

The freedom of flight

Taking wing and soaring

Against the auburn sky

I knew for a moment

The safety of a place

Nestled in and comforting

Wrapped in quiet den

I knew for a moment

Where I belonged

Walking wooded trails

Loathe for the path to end

Autumn arrived and with the leaves

I drifted down from branches

To lie here on the damp November ground

Staring lonely at the sky now

Dreaming once again

Of flight

Sinking slowly into cold earth

Sinking coldly into dirt

withered leaves photo
Photo by Daniel Frank on

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Falling Light – Daily Poem 11/19/2020

The light waxes

Sharpening every shadow

Bringing resolution without rebuke

To the darkness growing shorter

As the rising brightness

Floods the fields in rays belonging

To every plant and tree which grows

From hallowed soils

Dance we in the meadows

Among the browning grasses gone to seed

In the brief flash of autumn’s day shine

To the tune of West wind’s breeze

Dare we whisper to the branches

Of the bare yet noble trees

That our dreams our calling softly

Through this gentle rosy glow

Shake our hopes out from the pillows

Blankets warm the chill away

Where will we wander watching

Nature’s bold manifestations

Hand in hand within the forest

Side by side along the lake

Will we sit beside the bubbling creek

Stand silently among the ruins

Of summer’s passing

Thief of hearts the sun is climbing

The sky is fair and full of light

There will only be moment

Ere the waxing begins to wane

So short the days of autumn

Leading straight to winter’s door

Let the brightness fall upon us

Dancing with delight

Overflowing hope for evermore

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Autumn Rebels – Daily Poem 11/18/2020

Autumn rebels

Changing color

Letting loose

Leaves dancing through the breezes

Tumbling down the streets

Clinging tightly to each other

In licentious piles

There’s always one though

That rebel’s rebel

Stark alone against the asphalt

Or against a concrete matte

Showing off his brightness

Delicious veins in contrast

Did he drift there unintended

Did he choose an isolated pose

Is he waiting for the next gust

To add him to the crowd

The vibrant masses drying

As the shades begin to fade

Edges curling in the crisp cool

Autumn light

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Daily Poem 11/3/2020

The wind whispers and the

Trees let loose their


Dancing naked in the chill

Waiting for their cloaks of snow

Their bark is bold and firm

Roughly hewn in texture

Tattooed patterns of the past

Etched into superficial

Markings of their growth

At their feet in golds and reds and orange

Spill the fabrics of the summer

With branches ready


They will move to winter’s tempo

Be it soft, and slow, and snowy

Or in waves, and sheets of sleet

In the deepest cold and rain

Incased in icy sheaths

The trees will dream of spring

Dream of spring

Of rising greens and budding leaves

Of dresses full and twirling

In the warm winds of the hopeful

Buoyancy of summer